Wednesday, May 21, 2008

thoughts that my mind has been thinking about

*getting out of debt! if you haven't heard of dave ramsey, google him right now, and do what he says. he knows what he's talking about.
*the blogging world is so funny to me. one of the many things that i find amusing is people's tendency to slip into spanish when talking about their loved ones. is this like a trend i don't know about? it seems to be the cool thing to do. maybe i'll start referring to dottie as punto perro (dot dog) it has a nice ring to it don't you think?
*so you think you can dance. or as it is known to the elite, sytycd. i can't believe how close it is. it makes my heart soar.
*food storage. well food storage and just being as self-sustaining as we can. i'm thinking about it sooo much, and it is weighing heavily on my mind. ty and i are very motivated right now. by golly, we are going to be ready for the end of the world. bring on the disasters, we dare you.
[the above dare was not issued to God. just wanted to clarify. again, i am not tempting God in any way. thank you.]
* speaking of food... recipes. i'm craving some new ones to try. anyone know of a good website?
*tyler wants a baby real bad. isn't that cute? he's getting real anxious for one. i can't wait to see him be a dad.
*kirsti, if you're reading this, i need you to call me for your interview (i'll explain). that is all.


kelly said...

you know i can't see or hear the name dave ramsey without feeling anxiety. you know i'm losing my mind. directing me to a post that mentions above all else dave ramsey is not smart. now i have to hang up on you. er, click off your blog.

ashleyboice said...

sytycd....I can't wait. I get chills just thinking about it. In fact my dish network was down and they didn't know if they could get a tech to fix it before thursday...I turned into real agro Ashley on the phone.
Luckily it fixed itself this morning. Now I can relax a little.

Food storage. Last year I bought 6 weeks worth for our little family of four of those self heating MRE meals. They are adorable and have a little drink and like spaghetti or chicken casserole in them with a little lunch and breakfast. When I got them I kept thinking "I hope the bird flu does come so we get to use these". Sick and weird I know but it would be a shame if we never did use them. Hahaa.

heather said...

i miss you coco. I need dave ramsey bad. Maybe after summer for three months and then stop before christmas. ha. I am loving all my face stuff. I am sure I don't look a day over 25 now. ha. and you better start commenting on my blog. It is so depressing when noone comments. and kirstie, I really appreciated your comment on my the other day. love and miss you.

Anonymous said...


kirsti osborne said...

nicole, sorry i haven't called. i'm at my parents and haven't been checking this. i'll call this afternoon. love ya.

nicole said...

dad, i always know you by your CAPS. haha

rachel said...

oh have a baby!!!! i'm with ty.

Anonymous said...

I love SYTYCD! I'm an addict to that crazy show.

I hear you on the food storage...its on my mind all the time. Especially since the Costco here has been sold out of rice!

I hope you have a great summer, that I get to Utah for you to do my hair and that you get pregnant! :)

rachie said...

hey you know on my blog that movie; pride and prejudice (but modified to fit the situation) (say it like mrs.bennet!)

Whitney Amelia said...

ya, get pregnant get pregnant!
punto perro is greatness, fits her to a "T".

cort said...

I definitely think you should have a baby....but with someone else other than Tyler. If you have it with Tyler, then the baby has a chance of looking and (heaven forbid) acting like him. All I can say is artificial insemination!

Anonymous said...

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