Saturday, February 28, 2009

i should have been a great many things...

... not the least of which is a dancer. oh boy, i had the house all to myself last night as ty was at his bowhunter certification course.. and there's nothing i love better than a house all to myself- especially at night. i'm weird that way. so i went to red box and then came home and made a scrumptious dinner and watched... drum roll please... center stage 2: turn it up. it was sooo horrible and i loved every second of it. i mean the main girls acting was worse than a school play, but she did have some moves. oh i loved it. immediately following the credits, i rewatched a few selected scenes, then turned up my stereo real loud and danced for -no joke- like 45 minutes in my kitchen. and i'm talking full on dancing. i was sweating. i haven't danced like that in years. it was a wonderful night.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

today's happenings

i had a very pleasant day today. tyler and i had the whole day with no commitments, except taking my car in to get the windshield replaced. so we rolled out of bed in sweats and went to drop it off at 8 this morning, then went home and slept until almost 11, which i haven't done in sooo long and it felt great. it probably would have been longer except tyler was awake, and cannot let me sleep while he is awake.

so we got up, had a leisurely breakfast, and then decided that we would walk to pick up the car. we figured it was about 2-3 miles, and that if we got walking fast it wouldn't be too cold. it was sooooo cold. we almost turned around after the first half mile or so, but we kept on. then we made a turn and the wind was blowing straight at us for about a mile. that was the point when we wanted to die, but we kept on. then we made another turn and it got bearable again, and we had a good talk and made some goals together. we clocked our walk on the way back and it was 3.7 miles. not too bad eh? we were proud of ourselves, although my butt didn't thaw out for about an hour. then we were so tired from our walk that we crawled into bed and watched a movie. well, i watched a movie and tyler slept.

then tonight we stopped by this cat adoption house that we had heard about. they rescue all the cats from the shelter and abusive homes, get them neutered and vaccinated, and then help them get adopted into good homes. oh my, it's like my heaven on earth. it is a house full of hilarious cute cats. i think that i am going to start volunteering there, as they need a lot of help, and i love cats. tyler loved it too even though he's allergic. it's the kind of place were you lean over and a cat uses your back to jump onto another surface. so funny.

anyways, nothing too exciting today, i am just trying to keep up on the blogging. you know, keep the creative juices flowing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

several more things

okay i finished princess acadamy yesterday and i loved it so much i gave it a big hug. for reals miri is one of my favorite heroines ever. because i really like her. i love a lot of books without particularly loving and respecting the main character (cough... twilight), but miri i love. i love what she says and does and thinks. she is up there with elizabeth bennett to me.

so now i'm on to reading ender's game... i swear i don't just read mormon authors. it's real good so far i am excited to read the series. makes you appreciate that we haven't been attacked by aliens you know?

do you know who else i love? tina fey. i feel like if only she really knew me she would drop amy poehler- who trys much too hard to be funny- and we would be best best friends.

here's what i don't love... blogs that are mean or mocking that give you a bad feeling when you read them. it makes me remember why i go through blog famines of 9 months when i click on a blog like that. i don't venture out of my friends and family often, but i did today and did not like what i found. kelly and i talk about all the time how she struggles with wanting to do a funny post about something or other, but refraining because she doesn't want her blog to be anywhere near snarky. it's hard for her sometimes to keep it all pleasant and uplifting, but what a difference when you click on her blog. can't everyone just be nice and content with their own life. of course people (and especially mormons) are easy to mock, but that doesn't mean that you should do it... and it certainly doesn't make you look good.

by the way i started writing a little last night. i can't believe i am talking about this at all cause i am so embarassed by it. i think what sparked it was that kelly told me i couldn't /shouldn't write fiction. that i am meant to write insightfully about real life. maybe i'll do both kelly. (just kidding if this sounds mean on kelly cause she is my biggest supporter). anyways, i'll never share anything ever to any of you, but i just thought you should know. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

several things

first of all, shauna has a blog now which i am very proud of her for / excited about. check it out she is very talented.

also, i really liked kelly's post today about life being different than what you plan it out to be. soooo true. i never thought that i would be 26 with no kids. c'est la vie right? tyler and i made the mistake of actually getting our hopes up this month only to be double crushed. however it has sparked my mind to think about other options. so, i'm trying to get pregnant and that's what we want super bad, but in the mean time i guess i could bump up some "long term" goals that i have. like i think i might want to go back to school for one. i know that at some point i am supposed to finish and get a masters in social work, but i always pictured that way down the road when i had older kids. why not now? i told tyler about maybe wanting to go back and he said the only reason to go back would be to make more money. oh tyler... he's all about the benjamins.

thirdly, we watched "american mormon" last night, that funny documentary where they go around talking to people on the streets about what they think of mormons. totally reminded me of being on a mission, except the people were nicer. this one girl said that mormons didn't dance, that it was outlawed.... he looked at her and said "that sounds kinda like foot loose". i laughed so hard i spit my water on the carpet.

fourth, i am finally reading the princess academy and i really like it and i really like miri. like a lot. maybe i love her.... but i don't know cause i'm only half way through the book so far. i really want to write. that is my ultimate dream job is to write novels. it is so close to my heart and i am so scared of it... and because i'm scared i never just start writing... because what if i try to start writing and i discover that all my sentences are really long and run on and i don't know how to shorten them to an acceptable length?

lastly, brett's family came up for the long weekend and it was so fun and cozy. i love their kids so much, and they are so respectful and well behaved, it's unbelievable. except of course for the boogar that someone about ian's height left on the wall in the hallway. nobody's perfect.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

man up ladies

i think this is about one of the best quotes i have ever heard...
"to be a righteous woman during the winding up scenes on this earth, before the second coming of our savior, is an especially noble calling. the righteous woman's strength and influence today can be tenfold what it might be in more tranquil times." - spencer w. kimball

Monday, February 09, 2009

ta da

look at me blogging. aren't i amazing?
i've just been busy doing some soul searching and coming out of a kinda depression. the usual.
anyway, i'm doing really good, and feel like i'm regaining control over my life. as much control as i can ever have over myself that is. (i'm pretty hard to control... just ask tyler).
i am currently looking forward to brett and fam coming up for the weekend and for taxes to be done.
thank you and goodnight.