Sunday, March 29, 2009

just a few things

we learned early on with our new primary class that they need to be occupied with arts and crafts if we want to get them to listen at all, and that they love love love to use scissors. so today in our class one of the little girls asked if it was time yet to "color and snip". i thought that was so funny. the same little girl last week, during a trip to the bathroom, told me that at her house she wasn't allowed to say "what the?", but at ellie's house she was allowed to say "what the?". she is real funny.
by the way when i took her to the bathroom last week, tyler was left with the boys in the classroom, and apparently one of them told him he had to the bathroom too. he's pretty hyperactive/naughty/possibly autistic (we think haha), so tyler assumed he was just trying to get out of class, and told him to just poop his pants. (ty told me this later.... and yes, tyler says things like that to the kids... and fake cries... and sings songs in real funny voices... and makes fart sounds...). well i get back to class and this little boy doesn't want to sit in his chair. there is also a strong aroma of poop in the classroom. yep, you guessed it, he pooped his pants. oh primary.
last week while ty and i were walking to the car, he was texting someone and asked me "is there a space in asshole?" oh tyler.
in sacrament meeting today i had to give the closing prayer, so during the closing song we were discussing what i should say. tyler was telling me that i needed to say a really bad prayer so that we would never get asked to speak in sacrament. we were laughing so hard at the things we were coming up with... please help me not to hate my husband.... please bless our little puppy dog dottie... maybe you had to be there.