Saturday, September 24, 2011

sixteen, no, twenty-nine candles

hair: inspired by kirsti. she has made me fall in love with high ponytails all over again. except, just like in elementary school, they make my scalp ache after a couple hours.

lips: remember my wish list? so chaud by mac. love it.

eyes: hand selected by a team of julie, kirsti, and me at urban outfitters. cheapest frames ever to put my prescription in.

29, and feeling fine.

well, feeling fine about the age part. but i did just have a 30 minute sobbing session. i told tyler... this is why i spend my birthday alone- no expectations. birthdays are both my best and worst day. it's complicated. but, now i am feeling on the up, and we have made a game plan to my liking. so i'm off.

birthday breakfast at mcdonald's this morning. yes, i chose mcdonald's.

ps- one of my all-time favorite michael scott quotes....
"i've always been good with older women. in fact, for a long time my grandma was my best friend.... then she met harriet. now she thinks she's better than everyone."