Thursday, July 31, 2008

sorry i've been m.i.a.

sorry for the long break... i've been in hole up mode for like two months. there is so much i have been wanting to post on... here are a few
1- we've been very busy landscaping our yard. and by we i mean tyler- ha. "we" are just about there... our sprinkler system is in, and ty just planted the lawn last weekend, so hopefully that will be coming up soon. next on the list are getting some outdoor furniture from ikea, and getting a trampoline and hammock for the backyard. and then you are all invited for a big backyard party!
2- dottie was very sick the other day. i don't even really want to talk about it, it makes me sick to my stomach. i got home from errands and she was acting like she had a stroke. she tried to jump on my leg and fell over backwards, that kinda thing. i freaked out big time. i called roberta and then the vet, and he said it sounded like a mild stroke. i got off the phone with him and started hysterically sobbing and hugging dottie. i don't think i handle that kind of stuff very well any more. long story short she is doing a ton better now. pretty much back to normal. i am so happy and relieved. i'm still watching her close, but i think she'll be okay. kelly told me that cate prayed for her and said, "please let dottie not be sick, i love her sooooo much".
3- in primary this sunday, the sunbeam class was up teaching sharing time, and one of the little boys pulled out his "guns" (both his hands fully equipped with gun noises), and started shooting his brother that was in a different class. it spread like wildfire. no boy can resist the siren call of gunfire. i'm surprised tyler didn't whip his out. he probably would have if we weren't laughing so hard. every boy in the room was firing at each other (one even pulled out his shotgun, cocked it and fired) and it was like we were in a war zone. all the teachers quieted them down pretty quick but it was such a classic primary moment.
4- tyler and i are leaving in a couple hours for colorado! i am so excited. i've never been to colorado, and i love going somewhere new. even more than that i love staying in hotels. i can never sleep in because i'm so excited for the breakfast downstairs in the morning, and afraid that i'll miss it. anywho, we're going for the walker lawn mower "family reunion". it's their big convention thing at the headquarters in ft. collins. it's a pretty big shindig, and even better is that coates landscape, bless their hearts, is paying for our registration to go, and for our three night stay at the marriott. isn't that so nice? i am definitly making them a yummy thank you. ty and i can't wait for the gettaway. we need a break! and i love "vacation tyler". he is so much more easy going. dottie is staying with her grandma berta while we are gone. don't think i'm lame all you people with human children, but i realized this is the longest we've ever been away from her, and i'm real sad to leave her. thanks to berta for dealing with FOUR dogs for the weekend! we owe you one.
well, i think that's all for now. hopefully i'll take many beautiful pictures of colorado to share when i get back.