Sunday, February 13, 2011

what's that you say? you want to see a million pictures?

kelly cate and i had the best best trip. here is photographic evidence to support that claim.

we spent the most beautiful couple of hours at camp richardson out on the pier. it almost felt like summer. almost.
these pictures make me so happy.
keep in mind that any pictures of kelly and i together were taken by cate, age 7.
isn't she good?
ps- when tyler (who didn't come to tahoe) saw these pictures he said, "are you wearing sweats?!?" haha. yes, i'm wearing sweats. but apparently the cashier at 7-11 likes sweats. wink.
we also had the most amazing trip to the attic (thrift store) while we were in tahoe. such a perfect day.

 i love this picture. i could meditate to this picture.

 i love this picture of kelly. it reminds me of a mix of jackie o. and my mom.

i laughed so hard at this picture. perfect scarf placement.

 kelly busted out this sweet move 

 which resulted in the pulling of several muscles

of course we had to eat at red hut. yum.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

guess who's coming for dinner??

guess what??
kelly and cate are driving here right this minute. i'm guessing they're in elko about now. yay!! remember how i said i was really needing a sister?? my wish is their command.
actually, kelly's birthday present to herself is usually a trip to come see me. i'm kind of a big deal.
i can't wait. i'm very excited. and so is dottie, the queen of dogs. (that's what cate calls her).
we plan on doing plenty of exercising, eating, highlighting (of hair), talking, giggling, diet coke drinking, seminary teaching, thrifting, and movie watching. jealous?

also, i went to the doctor! it was really hard for me and i was paralyzed in my bed the rest of the day, but i did it! the ball is officially rolling. i didn't go to the specialist yet, just the ob/gyn, but i love her, and i think we are going to make a lot of progress, while still being covered insurance wise. i'll give updates as they come.

so, the greatest thing happened to me. dana carvey hosted snl last week. to a girl like me that is saturday night live's biggest fan, that is the best thing ever. loved it. so so funny. i mean, the opening skit was wayne's world with mike meyers, jon lovitz showed up in the monologue, and justin beiber was the guest on church chat with the church lady. sigh. wonderful.

well, i'm just home on a break from work, and i gotta get cleaning for the lovely ladies i will be entertaining later.

ps- tyler turns 30 in a week! we are so old!