Sunday, February 13, 2011

what's that you say? you want to see a million pictures?

kelly cate and i had the best best trip. here is photographic evidence to support that claim.

we spent the most beautiful couple of hours at camp richardson out on the pier. it almost felt like summer. almost.
these pictures make me so happy.
keep in mind that any pictures of kelly and i together were taken by cate, age 7.
isn't she good?
ps- when tyler (who didn't come to tahoe) saw these pictures he said, "are you wearing sweats?!?" haha. yes, i'm wearing sweats. but apparently the cashier at 7-11 likes sweats. wink.
we also had the most amazing trip to the attic (thrift store) while we were in tahoe. such a perfect day.

 i love this picture. i could meditate to this picture.

 i love this picture of kelly. it reminds me of a mix of jackie o. and my mom.

i laughed so hard at this picture. perfect scarf placement.

 kelly busted out this sweet move 

 which resulted in the pulling of several muscles

of course we had to eat at red hut. yum.


kelly said...

many of these pictures are not approved by me. however, that was such a perfect day i don't care they still make me so happy.

Jane said...

YAY! Pictures on your blog!!!!!
I love every single one of these shots. Especially times 10 the one of you on the pier looking out. Holy Smokes. You two are killing it with looks. What a nice trip and good looking weather.

kirsti osborne said...

SOOOOOOOO jealous!!! i can't take it!!! you guys are so hot and i wanna be in tahoe soooo bad!

sarawhat said...

such perfect, happy pictures. And you are one of the only girls I know who can make sweats looks stylish. LOVE YOu!

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty pretty.

heather said...

i've seen the cashiers at the 7-11 in tahoe, i hope you didn't make eye contact. and i think that you should start a fashionable sweats line. what do you think? Cozy chic? cozy coco?

Teija in PDX said...

Gorgeous. Both of yous. Seriously. And I'm envious of your Red Hut trip.