Monday, April 28, 2008

update your blog kirsti!

i was going to go on a blog writers strike until kirsti updated her blog (at least that's what i threatened her with [scary, i know]), but i figure that may never happen, so here goes.
events of the moment...
i have been working working working, which is good- i can't complain... but it was nice to have saturday off to finally clean my house and get some laundry done.
tyler and i have been working out almost every day at anytime fitness, our new most favorite place. i have not lost any weight, while tyler's muscles have doubled in size. lovely. but it does feel wonderful, and i know weight loss can't be far off.
tyler and i hosted a delicious sunday dinner at our house last night. in attendance were bob, berta, alice, griffin, katrina, and shauna. i made spagghetti with homemade delicious meatballs (with flax and oats mixed in among other things), peas, deliciouse fresh salad with bell peppers, avacade, cilantro etc., and homemade breadsticks (which i am getting pretty darn good at making). after dinner we watched rob & big, which everyone thought was hilarious except alice, who asked us what joke she was missing.
i leave for arizona on thursday for ten days to babysit heather's kids. i am so excited for pool time among other things... but very sad to leave tyler for ten days as i get quite anxious when i am away from him. tyler is not excited at all. the night that i told him i was going for ten days, he blurted out in his sleep "don't leave me babe", when i got up to let dottie out. i can't complain... he really likes me.
i have a bunch of pics to post, but i don't have my camera with me, so i will do that soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

i'm it

in the grand tradition of tagging, i have been chosen by miss whitney boice-arensberg to share six unspectacular quirks about myself...

1- i blow "dust" off of everything that i am going to eat off of or drink out of. ie- when i unwrap a straw i have to blow through it before i stick it into my drink.
2- i can't put on chapstick/lip gloss if my mouth feels dirty... i have to put in gum first before i do.
3- i love fergie
4- anytime that i'm walking on ice or snow i repeat over and over in my head "please don't let me slip and fall, please don't let me slip at all" like a little chant/prayer... i have never told that to anyone.
5- if someone doesn't remember my name i automatically don't care about them
6- i can't eat/enjoy my meal if my hands feel dirty, or if i have to go to the bathroom

i tag whoever wants to do this on their blog... love, nicole

Sunday, April 13, 2008

miracles and ulcers

Posted by Picasatyler is my little miracle....
today we were up at bob and berta's for dinner along with the shawn boice family, and tyler ended up outside playing catch with shade and carter.
he can totally throw a ball.
he was pitching to shade and they were like, good pitches. right into the glove.
anyone who saw him a year ago... even a couple months ago will realize how amazing that is.
as i was watching him i was remembering the first blessing that bob gave him, before we knew what was wrong.... he said that he would be made whole.
i kinda got a glimpse of that tonight watching him, that he might actually get it all the way back someday.
anywho... i think i have an ulcer. i'm not sure what to do about it. i took an acid reducer (as per usual), but it didn't really help at all this time.
are these signs/symptoms of ulcers?
1- my stomach hurts if i am sitting or standing, but not when i'm laying down
2- i didn't feel naseous at all... i could eat fine, the pain never subsided before or after eating
3- i ate a really big meal during the pain, and my stomach didn't even register as full
that's all i can think of. what do doctors do for ulcers? any point in going to one? if anyone can help me out with answers that would be great.
other than that we are doing great.
life is busy and good.
tyler has started working again (hallelujah) and has been bombarded with work.
we are trying to make life decisions and what not... we'll keep you updated.