Sunday, April 20, 2008

i'm it

in the grand tradition of tagging, i have been chosen by miss whitney boice-arensberg to share six unspectacular quirks about myself...

1- i blow "dust" off of everything that i am going to eat off of or drink out of. ie- when i unwrap a straw i have to blow through it before i stick it into my drink.
2- i can't put on chapstick/lip gloss if my mouth feels dirty... i have to put in gum first before i do.
3- i love fergie
4- anytime that i'm walking on ice or snow i repeat over and over in my head "please don't let me slip and fall, please don't let me slip at all" like a little chant/prayer... i have never told that to anyone.
5- if someone doesn't remember my name i automatically don't care about them
6- i can't eat/enjoy my meal if my hands feel dirty, or if i have to go to the bathroom

i tag whoever wants to do this on their blog... love, nicole


kelly said...

there's alot about eating in this post....

HEATHER D said...

Dirt, who even invented the nasty dust/dirt? I am the same way when it comes to quirks. Funny post!

sarawhat said...

You're nuts. WAY more nuts than I am. :) When are you going to come and visit me?