Sunday, September 23, 2007

memoirs of a jack russell terrier....

Hi. My name is Dottie.

These are my five puppies.

These are my five puppies from a different angle.

This is my mom in heaven because my five puppies are cozying her on the couch.

This is my dad and me a couple hours before I had my puppies.
stay tuned for updates on the world's cutest little pug russells...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

puppies and busy-ness

My life is so busy lately! Adding to that is one very happy addition to our family of five beautiful, healthy, whiny, hungry puppies. I will post some pictures soon or you can click on the "mamma berta" link on my sidebar and check them out there. Delicious. I could eat them. We are so proud of Dottie, she is such a good mom. I'll post more soon...
PS- I forgot to mention- they are a jack russell/pug mix