Saturday, March 27, 2010

i feel like a million bucks

spring is in the air and i am excited for life.

do you know what i heard when i woke up this morning?
a bird chirping outside the window.
you know what else i heard?
you know what i heard after laying there thinking/waking up for an hour?

i am embracing my childless life for all that it's worth. that's the epiphany i've had today.
i straggled out of bed after laying there forever, got up to take a bubble bath / shower combo with my latest allure, gave myself a haircut, a mani pedi, went for a long drive with ty and now i am watching clueless and blogging. i guess it's not too bad not having kids.

also adding to my inspiration was walking around the UNR campus with tyler today. it is a beautiful blue sky day, and we were in the area, so we parked and took a little walk.
ohhh, i want to go back to school so bad!
think big brick buildings, ivy, cool architecture, fountains, stadiums, planetariums, bookstores, etc.
yes please.

i am thinking that i will start this fall. by then i'll hopefully have a decent hair clientel built up, and i can work a couple days a week, and then go full time at school. i mean, i already have two years done. i'm halfway there!

here's my grand plan...
i want to double major in english and social work, and minor in spanish.

to which tyler responded that he wants to be an astronaut and a nascar driver- ha.

but why not, right? i got the smarts. and i know tyler will be so proud of me when i graduate. he'll totally take every opportunity to tell anyone my accomplishments. he ALWAYS tells people that i'm writing a book, even though he is forbidden to do so. he's just so proud he can't help himself.

by the way, the book is going super well, and it is the reason i have been neglecting this blog.

also by the way, i start at maza salon on tuesday, and i'm real excited.

last by the way, i totally stood up to my old boss to get commissions owed to me, and faced my biggest fears, and i'm so proud of myself.
i'm an adult! ta da!

Friday, March 12, 2010

life goes on

what's up ladies and gents.
here's what's going on in my world:

1. i love vampire weekend. plain and simple. (it's a band)
2. speaking of vampires, did you see the eclipse trailer?? yes please. can't wait.
3. let me tell you about a couple of promising leads ty and i found on craigslist.
the first one said they needed a hair and makeup artist (check), must be up to date with current trends (check), positive and enthusiastic (check), open minded (uhhh, check), and comfortable with the adult film industry environment. yeah.... pass.
number two was looking for someone with a fun and outgoing personality (that's my middle name), energetic and self motivated (sounds good), to dress up and wave at cars in a statue of liberty costume for liberty tax. ummm.... no thanks.
4. fyi, i have decided i want to do hair and have already met with a couple salons (thanks nicole c. for your help!), and have an appt. to meet with another one, so things are going good on that front, and i am really excited to be doing hair again. i feel totally refreshed from my 3 month break of it, and should be getting my NV license in the mail any day now.
5.we are going up to tahoe today for one or two nights to battle our feelings of homesickness (we were sad when we got back from our rexburg trip). i can't wait for tahoe donut, mcdonlads breakfast with the attic, watching movies on dad and kathi's new 52 inch tv, and of course, being cozy.

okay, that's the update for now. i feel like i am forgetting something. oh well.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

oh my... what an up and down long weekend i've had

i have so much to blog about.

first and foremost, is that i just got fired. i know, right? they didn't have a reason for me (which makes sense seeing as i've never done anything wrong), but i'm pretty sure i just got lumped in with my boss who got fired last week. the thing that really pisses me off is that they waited a week to fire me after her, and i know it's so that i could answer all the new property manager's questions about where everything was, the status of crap, etc.... here's how i'm feeling about my firing:

1. i am relieved that i don't have to work today (haha)
2. i am feeling indignant because i was a good employee (obviously)
3. the work environment was getting yucky and the boss is a really horrible person to work for in general so it's kind of a relief to not have to be in that environment.
4. super shell shocked... i keep thinking, i can't believe i got fired.
5. worried about what i'm going to do next.
6. excited for what i'm going to do next.
7. i feel like this is meant to be for some reason. maybe i'll finish my book sooner than i thought.
8. thank goodness i have a sugar daddy.

overall, i know that even though i might be depressed and hurt for a few days, heavenly father always always takes care of me. so i've got that going for me.

okay, on to other things...

we went to rexburg this weekend. it was such a good trip. i cannot emphasize enough how much i love the boice family. the trip made me want to move in with roberta and bob and never leave their house. i feel like that's not a normal response to one's in-laws, but i have really good ones.
the official reason for the trip was to do taxes, which we did. don't get me started on taxes. don't even get me started. is it me, or is america set up to punish you for being successful? i cannot believe how much money the government rakes in every year. who are they held accountable to??? where is all that freaking money going??? i am disgusted. do you know that they picked a number (right at the point of being succesful) and if you make more than that, you pay 10 PERCENT MORE on every dollar? it's like what's the point? why try to make your business succesful if it all goes to nasa, nukes, and people's welfare checks. ugh. i want to file for unemployment just so i can start taking some back. sorry, enough tax talk.

a highlight of the trip was getting to see my kirsti. oh how i love her. also, navy is quite possibly the funniest little girl ever. it wouldn't do her justice to describe her, you have to experience it first hand.

okay, one last thing (even though there's more stuff, but i feel drained).
tyler was cleaning the carpets in this super nice huge house last week, and he saw a bowl of candy hearts. the guy was in the other room, so he figured it was okay if he snuck one, so he popped one in his mouth... only to discover that they were wooden! they were a decoration.! haha. i laughed and laughed when he told me that.

okay, that's all for now. i'll keep it updated. and i'll also keep it real. those are my promises to you :)