Saturday, March 27, 2010

i feel like a million bucks

spring is in the air and i am excited for life.

do you know what i heard when i woke up this morning?
a bird chirping outside the window.
you know what else i heard?
you know what i heard after laying there thinking/waking up for an hour?

i am embracing my childless life for all that it's worth. that's the epiphany i've had today.
i straggled out of bed after laying there forever, got up to take a bubble bath / shower combo with my latest allure, gave myself a haircut, a mani pedi, went for a long drive with ty and now i am watching clueless and blogging. i guess it's not too bad not having kids.

also adding to my inspiration was walking around the UNR campus with tyler today. it is a beautiful blue sky day, and we were in the area, so we parked and took a little walk.
ohhh, i want to go back to school so bad!
think big brick buildings, ivy, cool architecture, fountains, stadiums, planetariums, bookstores, etc.
yes please.

i am thinking that i will start this fall. by then i'll hopefully have a decent hair clientel built up, and i can work a couple days a week, and then go full time at school. i mean, i already have two years done. i'm halfway there!

here's my grand plan...
i want to double major in english and social work, and minor in spanish.

to which tyler responded that he wants to be an astronaut and a nascar driver- ha.

but why not, right? i got the smarts. and i know tyler will be so proud of me when i graduate. he'll totally take every opportunity to tell anyone my accomplishments. he ALWAYS tells people that i'm writing a book, even though he is forbidden to do so. he's just so proud he can't help himself.

by the way, the book is going super well, and it is the reason i have been neglecting this blog.

also by the way, i start at maza salon on tuesday, and i'm real excited.

last by the way, i totally stood up to my old boss to get commissions owed to me, and faced my biggest fears, and i'm so proud of myself.
i'm an adult! ta da!


Kirsti said...

i love this post! tyler is so funny! you should go back to school! i'm a little worried that you will only be REALLY stoked about it the first week though!

i'm jealous of your childlessness. navy and i did sleep in 'til 9:30 this morning though and then stayed in bed 'til like 10:15. but from then on it has been constant, nonstop jibber-jabbering, coloring, barbies, and going to the park with intermittent feeding! ahhhhh! i love her but i would totally trade for your unemployed life for like a week!

heather D said...

I am so PROUD of you too. Way to go girl. I think you would be amazing doing that double major. Wow, you are one smart, amazing person. I miss you guys so, so much. Hope you are well. It sounds like you are absolutely AWESOME.

sarawhat said...

TA DA! I laughed real hard at that statement. Matt keeps trying to make me go back to school. I start getting claustrophobic just thinking about it. I want to get a degree....I just don't want it THAT bad right now. I'm glad that you're going to do it though, you're smart and school comes SO easy for you that you'd be crazy not to! I also laughed really hard at Tylers response. And I miss you. And I love you.

shauna.m. said...

yayyyy i am happy about everything in this post!! cant wait to see theups your in...and allure and bubble baths

kelly said...

i love kirsti's comment. don't let navy see it.

i can't remember my funny one.

but somehow i think your idea of school is not quite reality...

Berta said...


Teija in PDX said...

Coley - I will certainly make another Ashland trip happen. Just give it another ten years. Or better yet, you can come visit me when I retire there. Come as often as you'd like and stay as long as you want. We'll take in all the plays together. :)

rachelfabiano and kortneycooper said...

dude! im dying. i got my hair cut by a random person at tony and guy. big mistake. they didnt get the 60s mom thing in any way. So glad youre enjoying lake tahoe, but if you ever travel back to rexburg, inform me!