Friday, March 12, 2010

life goes on

what's up ladies and gents.
here's what's going on in my world:

1. i love vampire weekend. plain and simple. (it's a band)
2. speaking of vampires, did you see the eclipse trailer?? yes please. can't wait.
3. let me tell you about a couple of promising leads ty and i found on craigslist.
the first one said they needed a hair and makeup artist (check), must be up to date with current trends (check), positive and enthusiastic (check), open minded (uhhh, check), and comfortable with the adult film industry environment. yeah.... pass.
number two was looking for someone with a fun and outgoing personality (that's my middle name), energetic and self motivated (sounds good), to dress up and wave at cars in a statue of liberty costume for liberty tax. ummm.... no thanks.
4. fyi, i have decided i want to do hair and have already met with a couple salons (thanks nicole c. for your help!), and have an appt. to meet with another one, so things are going good on that front, and i am really excited to be doing hair again. i feel totally refreshed from my 3 month break of it, and should be getting my NV license in the mail any day now.
5.we are going up to tahoe today for one or two nights to battle our feelings of homesickness (we were sad when we got back from our rexburg trip). i can't wait for tahoe donut, mcdonlads breakfast with the attic, watching movies on dad and kathi's new 52 inch tv, and of course, being cozy.

okay, that's the update for now. i feel like i am forgetting something. oh well.


kirsti osborne said...

hey you! you are such a good bloggidy blogger lately. i'm so proud of you! i updated mine and talked about you! check it out! i hope you get another hair job. you have too much talent not to. that XXX ad is super funny!!

GRodenberg said...

if only you could come be my moving assistant for a week or two before starting a new job. What do you think?? :)

GRodenberg said...

ps you should have taken the first job just for ONE day! What a hilarious job that would be! yikes

Alicia Young said...

you make me laugh