Thursday, March 13, 2008


here is an example of one of the many things i love about rexburg....

the owner of the taco time in rexburg is in the same ward as the boice family. they aren't super tight or anything, but they are friends and just a real nice family in general. well, everytime i go through the drive thru (and that is quite often) and the owner is working the drive thru, he very kindly asks how i'm doing and then without a word about it slips a free empanada dessert into my bag with whatever else i ordered. every time. i mean, granted that the boice family altogether probably make up one half of the sales at taco time, but still... i'm only an in-law, ya know? it's such a simple little gesture, but it makes me swell with love for this nice little community i live in every time it happens. in a world that is no longer nice, people are just nice here. it reminds me of when lindsey z. started crying because someone (trent and carrie chicos) had already paid for mine and tyler's dinner (excuse me- tyler and my dinner) when we went to get our check on our group date to chiz's. and while i'm thinking about it... how about that tyler's competition (the other lawncare business' in town) all chipped in and did his lawn route for free -in addition to their own work- so he wouldn't lose his business while he was in the hospital after the stroke, and through his recovery time. i mean where else in the world does that stuff like that happen all the time? make fun of it all you want people who don't live here, but we've got a good thing going.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

can i get a bite?