Sunday, May 20, 2007

quick update

Things are going good. I'm back in school now which was a hard transition but the time will fly by I'm sure. I just found out that my last day is July 21st, so exactly two months left. yay! Tyler and I plan on going to Tahoe sometime inbetween when I graduate and when I take the boards on August 20th. Tyler is doing so well... it's like a night and day difference between the last entry and now. But he still has a long road ahead of him getting back his coordination, so please keep up the prayers. Dottie is as naughty as ever. Her new thing is jumping up on cars. Like on the hood and roof. That and running wild in the neighborhood... she was in one of the neighbors houses the other day! We definitly need some sort of fence. She is so cute though and we love her. Just a shout out to all my family (and Tyler's of course), everyone has done so much for us it's unbelievable. We will be forever grateful to you all and we love you!!