Wednesday, November 14, 2007

to kelly

top ten reason's to not be depressed/stressed out/in a state of panic...

10. i'll be down there tomorrow
9. you have a keen fashion sense
8. your movie quoting abilities are unparalleled
7. cate is a supergenius who just started talking at school
6. penny lane is a really cute name for a dog
5. think about all those starving kids in africa who don't even have zoloft
4. the twilight series was written
3. i always make you look super hot when i'm down there
2. i was born (much to your chagrin at the time, but you gotta give it up for how well that worked out)

and the number one reason is...

1. diet coke

okay, i gotta locamote... the schwanns man is going to beat me to my house...

Friday, November 09, 2007

things i am looking forward to with pleasure...

*in no particular order*
hair weekend in utah hanging out with kell and various other people that i love
all the good christmas presents i am going to give to people
thanksgiving food
christmas in tahoe
dinner tonight (i'm real hungry)
a day off of work tomorrow
hot rod coming out on dvd
a much needed getaway with tyler... don't know when or where... but hopefully soon
having a baby (mostly pleasure... but when i hear babies crying = dread)
buying heather's camera
sunday hanging out with the boice's
once again, christmas in tahoe
starting over for the third time the twilight series
*what is your number one thing that you are looking forward to RIGHT as you're reading this?*

Sunday, November 04, 2007

attention please...

After much grumbling about me blogging, Tyler has started a blog for himself. You'll find it at Check it out if you want to see Tyler as his next look-alike: