Friday, November 09, 2007

things i am looking forward to with pleasure...

*in no particular order*
hair weekend in utah hanging out with kell and various other people that i love
all the good christmas presents i am going to give to people
thanksgiving food
christmas in tahoe
dinner tonight (i'm real hungry)
a day off of work tomorrow
hot rod coming out on dvd
a much needed getaway with tyler... don't know when or where... but hopefully soon
having a baby (mostly pleasure... but when i hear babies crying = dread)
buying heather's camera
sunday hanging out with the boice's
once again, christmas in tahoe
starting over for the third time the twilight series
*what is your number one thing that you are looking forward to RIGHT as you're reading this?*


ALYSHA said...

I am waiting for Luke to fall asleep so I can go across the hall and have dinner with our friends. It is taking FOREVER...and I am STARVING!

I would be looking forward to having you do my hair but I won't be in Utah until January. But it will be semi-permanent so I guess we can make lots of dates in the future I can look forward to...facials, micro,highlighting, etc. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Going to bed!

Trace Gibson said...

I'm looking forward to you doing my hair while you're in Utah (yippee, I'm so lucky!). And maybe I'll have to bring you an early Christmas gifty 'cause you're my adopted little sister and I LOVE YOUR GUTS!

GRodenberg said...

thanksgiving in Texas, after not going there for 5 years! yikes

allie said...

taking family Christmas photos for my relatives today

seeing my little sister after over a year of not seeing her

Lily seeing my little sister after over a year of not seeing her

Christmas trees+Christmas music+Lily

ashleyboice said...

guatemala...6 more days. Yeah.

rachel said...

sushi tonight...unfortunately not pineapple grill style :(

by baby you meant some day, right...

very looking forward to seeing you next weekend :) :) :) :)

Whitney Amelia said...

reading your blog. My baby is sleeping...yaaa!

heather said...

Thanksgiving with fam in utah

kelly mccaleb said...

a diet coke.

kelly mccaleb said...

oh, and your next hair blog post. they always inspire me so, i can't wait to see what you'll put up next!

Leanna said...

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