Thursday, June 14, 2007

the kelly to my mccaleb

I just wanted to say that I really really really like my sister Kelly. And unlike the vast majority of her fans, it is not because she is creative, or a good photographer, or a "published scrapbooker", or because she will do a photo shoot for the bargain price of $75 to those in utah county, or even because she is ridiculously good looking. No I love Kelly because we just talked on the phone for 45 minutes, reading blogs and comments and what not, and were laughing to the point of cackles the whole time. I love that she doesn't get mad at me because i am too lazy and feel in my mind (a zoloft deprived mind) that I am too busy and stressed out to give her the praise that she deserves, and the dedicatory blog entries that I know she wants. she is my best friend. forever.
PS- Zoom in to the right of this picture for a glimpse of Kelly. It was the only picture I had in "My Pictures" with her in it. she does look cute though...