Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cameron frye... this one's for you

in this instance cameron frye is kelly.
thought you would like this.... since you haven't seen anything good today.
skywalker in 2012.

Friday, February 19, 2010

nic's sick pics

both sick and pic can be taken as double meanings. get it?
so i'm super sick. i haven't been this sick in a long time. i have been bed ridden for 48+ hours (minus teaching seminary... yeah, i'm hard core).
anyway, i thought i'd share some of my sick bed movie reccomendations, seeing as if there is one thing i am an authority on, it's movies. well, movies and saturday night live. those are my areas of expertise. i have invested ALOT of time in these two things. just be thankful that you are not with me in person or you would have to listen to me quoting said movies. here goes:

1. love story.
 if you want to really love your husband, and you want to really cry your eyes out, this is the way to do it. bonus: ryan o'neil and ali mcgraw are both super hot... and their witty banter is unparalleled.

2. billy the kid (documentary).
if you read extremely loud and incredibly close, and loved it... then you need to watch this. it will make you laugh and want to cry at the same time.

3. thoroughly modern millie.
if you're in the mood for a little song and dance a la julie andrews, this is fun for the whole family.

4. far and away.
one of my all time favorites. love is not a strong enough word. i luff it. i lurve it. (that's from annie hall by the way, another one of my favorites). anywho, if you're all weirded out by tomkat and scientology etc., this movie will take you back to being super charmed by and in love with tom cruise. he and nicole kidman called it their 'honeymoon movie' because they made it together right after they were married. awwwwe.

and last but certainly not least...

5. rushmore.
what can i say about this movie? it makes my heart feel full. it makes my mind feel smarter. it makes me want to create. for some reason i really see myself in max fisher. i can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. just one quote.... "what are you, a lawyer?"
oh, i love it.

see you on the flip side.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy valentime's / birth day!

and yes, i know that i misspelled valentine's day. tyler pronounces it valentime's day no matter how many times i correct him. he even spells it that way. don't ask me.

yesterday was tyler's birthday, which you should know unless you've been living under a rock. just kidding. you probably didn't know, and that's okay. he turned 29. time flies.

i thought i'd say a few nice things about him as his present. (i didn't even get him a card. i know, right?)

here goes:
tyler is really cool, and he has really big muscles, and golden locks of hair, and really pretty blue eyes, and the cutest smile ever (the corners of his mouth always look just a little turned up).
also, he is super talented at so many things, he doesn't embarass me, and he is the hardest worker i've ever met.
he is my best friend. we can catch each others eye and burst out laughing, or say something in a certain way and make the other crack up. he takes care of me when i'm sick, and when i'm really stressed out and anxious, he tells me everything is going to be alright.
he is never ever ever boring. he is endlessly entertaining. even when we are fighting, it's with flair. and flare. both are fitting descriptions.
he talks to dottie in baby voice and i love it.
he is definitly one of a kind.
thank goodness.

ps- roberta, you should have seen his face light up when he saw your blog post about him. he felt so special.

pps- if you'd like to give tyler a present as well, you may leave him a comment wishing him a happy birthday. it will make him most happy. it also never hurts to comment on his muscles... he really likes that too.

ppss- for some reason this post won't let me put on a picture. c'est la vie.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

fresh from an anxiety attack, and feeling fine

all of a sudden i feel really good. feeling really good is feeling really welcome, because i have been feeling really anxious. how's that for a sentence?

kelly mentioned it on her blog, but it bears repeating. she fell over backwards (and i'm talking straight over, onto her back, hitting her head and elbows, kind of fell) on the sidewalk by the southwest skycap at the reno airport. i cannot emphasize enough that this was the funniest thing i have ever seen. i am laughing right now just thinking about it. you know when you think of something and start laughing out loud no matter where you are? i did that about 20 times yesterday, whenever i would picture her falling in my head. the best part was, she was just standing there... she didn't trip, stumble, nothing. she just fell over. also, there were lots of people around, one of which yelled out, "oh sh**... is she alright?"

also, we got another call to meet with the stake presidency last week. we were like, oohhhh boy. luckily it wasn't for me this time. tyler is now the first counselor in the elders quorom presidency. i think he'll do really good cause he is such a hard worker, and there is ALOT of hard work to be done here. there's over 90 prospective elders in our ward boundaries. the field is white...

another cool expereince was getting set apart on sunday. the stake presidency was all there to set apart the new elders quorom, and then the first counselor (the one who we met with when i got called as the seminary teacher) stayed and set me apart. it was just him, tyler, and me in the room, and it was a pretty cool experience. he said in the blessing (among lots of things that i can't remember), that although i may feel at times like my teaching is not getting through or having an impact, that specific phrases/lessons/stories that i teach will stay with these kids and affect their lives in the years to come, changing generations. it makes me kinda choked up as i'm typing it. i feel like a missionary again, except without the sucky parts this time. haha. when he finished the blessing he told tyler and i that he usually just says amen and shakes hands and that's that, but that he wanted to share more with us. he talked about the glimpse he got of tyler and i during the blessing, and the things that are in store for us, etc. he was choked up talking about it, and tyler and i were also. it was a sweet spirit. the church is true my friends.

can i just say that i love my sisters? they are amazing and i admire them so much. i have my whole life. do you know that you three? i have idolized you since before i knew what the word idolized meant. i could not ask for three better examples, or three better friends, or counselors, or surrogate mothers, etc. you guys are the bomb.

this post is getting pretty intense again, so how bout we lighten things up? we (dad, kathi, kelly, and i) were in a thrift store on saturday and a guy saw dad's byu sweatshirt that he was wearing. i was across the store, but i heard the guy say, "do you know what the mormons say when they talk about reno? it's so close to hell you can see sparks!"
*for those of you who don't get that joke fully, sparks is the town that borders reno on the north. get it?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

warning: i'm feeling a little .... i can't think of a synonym for intense (but i can't say intense cause it's in the first sentence of the post)

i had the most intense dream about my mom the other night. the weird part was, she was driving me INSANE. she was like, bugging me about everything, involved in every detail in my life, and she wouldn't give me one second of breathing room. at one point i stormed out of the house to go running, just to escape from her, and she jumped on a bike and started following me down the street.
i literally felt like i was losing my mind.
the dream and the emotions of it were so intense that it actually woke me up. i couldn't go back to sleep, because i was thinking about why in the world i would have a dream like that about my mom, when in reality i miss her so much. i woke tyler up to tell him about it, and we decided that it was because that is how involved she must still be in my life... which led me to remember two things.
1). in the blessing my mission president gave me the day after my mom died he said that she is able to be with me more now than she was ever able to be with me while she was alive.
and 2). i realized that throughout the whole dream, i never actually saw her. weird right? i didn't even think about it in the dream because her presence was so strong... but i never got a visual.
ps- i had this dream the day before the anniversary of her death. 6 years. i can't believe it's been so long.

that's enough crazy dream talk for now.

on a lighter note,
i don't really have anything light to say right now actually.

but guess what? i was at lunch with my boss (she's a couple years younger than me and super cool), and out of nowhere she asks me what time i go to church. we haven't really talked about anything church related or religious, other than that i am teaching an early morning class, so i'm tired, and that i'm mormon. other than that, it hasn't come up. so i was like, 'on sunday?' i didn't understand what she was asking at first... but i figured it out and told her 1 oclock. then she says, 'i want to go to church with you.' isn't that just beautiful? i would have never ever thought she would say that.
as i drove home that night my heart just felt full of love for life. i soooo know that we were supposed to move to reno. i feel really blessed.