Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

I wish it was my birthday, so I could party too.
Oh wait, that would mean I would be 27, like you old ladies.
Just for the record...
Sara's is today.
Julie's is Sunday.
Love you!!!

PS- you guys + me + kirsti + mimi's house, within the next year, okay??

Thursday, August 06, 2009

a very extensive photo update

okay... i know i am super lazy when it comes to uploading pictures on my blog, so i decided to get it over with in one big post. here is an update on our summer...

i did a little photo shoot of tyler last night while he was shooting his bow. here is the pose he is known for.

this is him trying to hold the pose while he is shooting- ha.

his little stroke hand trying to put his arrow in his bow.

a self portrait since i'm the only one who ever takes pictures.

sigh... i'm a lucky girl. look at this little sweetheart.

i told you, they're off the hook... sorry about the shirt, i don't know how to edit.

the current sucker of tyler's time. his 63 ragtop bug. notice how low it is to the ground. when we drive it around town he counts all the people that stare at "how sweet it is", while i roll my eyes at "how cool he thinks he is".

a couple pics from julie's wedding. this is when we were helping with the wedding flowers.

best friends. big surprise that kirsti's eyes are closed- ha.

dottie loves shauna.

such a kirsti face.

pretty mommy and daughter.

my current passtime: writing and diet dr pepper. they go hand in hand. isn't my new laptop cute? notice, best friends, that you are my screen saver. much to tyler's dismay. he's so jealous.

this is what dottie does to her food bowl when it is empty. she's such a brat.

this is what tyler does when i won't help him make the bed, and i tell him to do it himself. can you guess which side is his? he's an even bigger brat than dottie.

a beautiful tomato in my garden, that i am about to go pick and use in a fiesta bowl for lunch. delish.

i wasn't lying about the corn. can you believe that?? that is tyler with his hand all the way up standing in the middle. it is starting to husk out everywhere. i have a feeling we're going to have more than we know what to do with.

that's all for now... but posts three days in a row??? i can hardly believe it myself.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

in my life

i love looking through memorabilia. it is like my favorite thing ever. looking through old pictures, reading old journals, yearbooks, etc. i even love watching home videos. i'm not sure why. i think it's because i love the life i have lived, i love the people in my life, i love the experiences i've had, and memories i've made. i have such good memories.
i was looking through my high school / college journal today (for writing inspiration) and i came across so many funny and meaningful things. one was a letter to me, that was folded and tucked between pages from kirsti. it contains the nicest things you can possibly say to another person. i love kirsti. i am so grateful that she has been such a big part of my life for so long, and i am so grateful that we are as much best friends as ever.
another letter i found tucked in was from tyler. it was a letter attatched to my christmas present at our first christmas gift exchange, when we had been dating for 3 months. i had to put it on here, cause it is the cutest ever, and so tyler. i love tyler. i'm so glad i married him.

and i quote...

Merry Christmas Nicole
I know when you read this I will probably be sitting by your side, so I won't write a big letter or any gay stuff. I just wanted to thank you for all you do, you are such an example for me. Your dedication to serve the Lord is awesome. You always strive so hard to be better and to help those around you be the best. I'm sorry I get in bad moods almost every second, but I'm glad my girlfriend is patient with me. I'm so glad I have had the chance to meet you and be your boyfriend, because it has changed my life. I have learned so much from you (sometimes too much). I'm excited to see what lays in store for the future. Hope you have a merry christmas with your family.
Love, Tyler (your favorite boyfriend ever)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009