Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i love...

- that kelly describes really good diet coke as "spicy"
- that i just sent a brain wave to kirsti to call me and she did like 20 minutes later (by the way, we only talk like every two weeks, so yeah, it's a big deal)
- tyler's forearms... they are off the hook right now (insert picture of me fanning myself with my hand)
- when you have something stuck in your teeth and you fiddle with it forever with no success, and then it finally dislodges (is that a word?)... that just happened to me
- when you drive past missionaries, and you realize that you are not on a mission, and are by yourself, in your car, blasting guns n roses (that also just happened to me)
- the real housewives of new jersey... and i quote "if you're not familiar with the table flip, you're probably not from new jersey"
- that steve martin refers to himself in his stand-up as a semi-professional comedian... genious
- that i got a total of like, 7 hours sleep during the 5 days i was in utah for julie's wedding... i was like a kid at christmas having my best friends around me. kirsti and i were talking about how it was like we didn't want to waste any of our time together sleeping
- life ( up swing- haha )

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


to put it mildly, i'm baby hungry. so is tyler. we really really want a baby. kelly says it's a shame that i am always in her shadow... cause her five years of trying trumps our 1 1/2 years of trying. i'm not depressed about it, and i really don't let myself think about it too often... but the feeling has been getting stronger lately. to be honest though, i'm really good at being selfish... especially with my time. so i always have that to fall back on if the whole baby thing doesn't work out. but in the meantime, i think i'm going to start being proactive and make some doctors appointments for tyler and myself. aren't i such a grown-up? kell has plenty of advice, but is there any advice any of you have? i will glady take it. also in the meantime here are my pictures of inspiration...



ps- the top pic is from kell's tumblr, the bottom is from rachel thurston photography, and incidentally looks freakishly like tyler. even the expression.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

with our powers combined we are... best friends

this post is dedicated to kirsti, julie, and sara... my bestest friends.
the four of us will be reunited (for the first time in over 2 years) in one week for julie's wedding, and i am sooo excited. i think all of us are so excited.
so, in dedication to them, and in anticipation of our time together i am going to throw some memories at them to take us back....

-these are in no particular order-

-and it might be stuff you had to be there for-

1. sara deciding she was going to be healthy/fit, straps on her rollerblades and heads down 2nd east. as she passed cars going down the hill, and realized she was about to die, she scanned the blurred scenery for some grass to land on. she found some gravel instead... and we were awoken to a call summoning us to the emergency room where sara was thoroughly drugged. i spent all day in the er with her (where did kirsti and julie go?? why was i the only one stuck there?) and sara had a seizure in my arms.

2.i feel like i have to sensor a little bit to save face for you guys, so i'll just say this.... sara + kirsti + gary + couch in camden apartment + all the rest of us sitting there = real funny and i can't believe we convinced you to do that.

3. of course the infamous waterballooning night (which subsequently got school probation for sara and i). we piled into the bed of a pickup truck with a bunch of local high school boys and knocked on people's doors at 2 in the morning. when someone would half asleep open the door there was a group of like 10 of us hitting them with water balloons. we also broke into a random guy's apartment and stole a WHOA sign that was displayed in their window, and proudly displayed it in ours instead. (we don't have the best judgement when we are all together).

4. remember when sara was roommates with yolanda (or yo as she liked to be called), and sara would wake up every morning to her blasting the nastiest r&b songs, like "yippee i yo yippee i yay, wanna bump your body baby". i am laughing so hard right now just hearing that song in my head... and the classic "my body all over your body". so we made a mix cd of all of yolanda's greatest loved hits and called it 'the sexual chocolates makeout cd'. by the way we were called 'the sexual chocolates'by some of our guy 'friends'- not sure why. is this getting tmi? haha... i need to edit a little more probably.

5. or how about when we were at some basketball game or something in the main gym at the hart and kirsti and i were talking to some people when sara and julie came tearing through the crowd... and when i say tearing, i mean they were litteraly frantically running and pushing through the crowd ( i will always have the mental picture of sara doing this). anyway, she was coming to tell me that she had talked to chet (who i was super super obsessed with) and that she super akwardly and obviously brought up yours truly and he said i was a cute girl. ahhh, college. sara devoted so much time to trying to bring chet and i together that we were half convinced that he thought that sara was in love with him. there are plenty of other chet stories (one in particular that sara and i can still to this day barely mention cause it is sooo embarassing) but i digress.

6. we never had a car, so it was always hitchhiking. but sara and julie's roommate jessica had a car our sophmore year, and so we would pile, no joke, like 10 people into her civic was it? some small car. not everyone could fit into the main part of the car, so there was always at least 2 people in the trunk, sometimes 3. we lovingly referred to it as the "boom boom room" cause the occupants were usually coed, and everytime jessica hit the brakes the trunk would go from pitch black to red lighting. what happens in the boom boom room, stays in the boom boom room ;)

7. how about when we ran into andrew at the homecoming dance. he was one of the many boys who had made out with sara, and then dissapeared off the planet, never to be seen or heard from again. we were walking through the dance floor when we happened upon him and his date. sara stopped short and bellowed out, "andrew!! you never call, you never write... how ya been??" like they were long lost friends. the look on his face was priceless.

8. oh the chairs. i love the chairs. that is where we would meet between (and during) classes all throughout the day. it was in the main building by the cafeteria and the bookstore, and great for people watching and running into people. one day they had set up an 'academic bowl' in the main area by the chairs for anyone who wanted to participate. of course we wanted to participate. so the four of us were a team plus one guy we didn't know, but grabbed to be our fifth player.... he actually ended up falling off the platform on his chair part way through it, if i recall correctly. all day no one had really cared enough to gather around and watch the academic bowl, but i swear there at least 50 people that stopped and were watching us play. it was hilarious. the most memorable answer came from kirsti, who answered "empire records" to a history question about something taking place in what empire.

9. speaking of chairs... i just remembered that we stole all of arcadia nate's dining room chairs out of his apartment one night when no one was home... then we set them up on the street corner by the royal crest tennis courts and sang and rapped for the passersby. i rapped the humpty dance in it's entirety for a couple of guys. then we felt bad about stealing the chairs, especially when the guys were so mad about it and didn't know it was us, so we hid them in julie's apartment for the rest of the year.

10. okay, this is getting long so i will stop at ten... even though there are ten million. this is the best one and the most memorable to all of us. the night the four of us laid in the middle of the football field and talked. we wondered that night who would get married first, have kids, go on nissions (i told you you would never go sara ) and basically realized that we would be friends for ever and ever.

i love you guys. and i'm so happy for you julie. i can't wait until north south east and west are reunited once again. and i will be calling an official meeting of the ryan sitler fan club while we are together, seeing as i'm president and all.