Monday, August 27, 2007

hooray for kirsti!! my bestest friend!!

Wow... who does that girl's hair?
Kirsti came into town yesterday for one day only... sunday sunday sunday... and I had so much fun laying around and talking to her and squeezing very cute little Navy. I love you Kirsti. Seeing her made me realize how much I miss her and value her friendship. As always she is my hair muse and she came over early this morning before she had to leave so we could play around. We were trying to get to blonde, but her color wouldn't pull, so we decided that orange looked even better. But really, what can't Kirsti look hot in?
Yes, that is one inch of my face and hair on the side of the pic, but I looked so hideous I had to cut myself out. Yikes.
A couple of side notes.....
1. Ashley Boice, I believe you made an offer that you were going to bring the boys up here and visit me.... I'm waiting...
2. Whitney Boice- I can't wait until you come visit so I can see your beautiful little baby.
3. Sara Michelle Horrocks, I know you don't think that we're "tight" anymore but I love you as much as I ever did or more, and yes, we are still best friends- check the sidebar folks. You mean so so much to me. And by the way, change the settings on your blog s I can comment even though I don't have a google account.
4. Glor- I keep thinking about you, and now that I am mentally stable I realize even more than i did then how much your visit out here helped me. You were amazing as always, and totally took over everything that i needed to do but couldn't. love you.
4. Lindsey Z- yes the puppies are for sale, but don't worry, I'd give you a good deal (wink). And they are going to be real cute, I'm pretty sure. And I'll give you a real cute haircut.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

a few of my favorite things...


1). This above picture of Tyler on the fourth of July, during the annual Boice family huge plastic slip n slide event. It is literally huge and goes down the whole length/hill of the backyard. They lube it with the hose and a whole Costco size bottle of dish soap. Captured is Tyler being shot off of the end into the grass.
2). I passed my state board of cosmetology test and am now a licensed cosmetologist.
3). After appealing the county's denial to help with our medical bills, they agreed to help us and got them reduced from 36 thousand dollars to 11 thousand dollars.
4). Dottie is fat pregnant with pug russells.
5). Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse
6). Gardenburgers on whole wheat bagels with swiss cheese and a fresca.
7). I feel so so happy with my life right now. Everything is going so well... I am blessed.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beckham Invasion

In honor of the Beckham's arrival.
I forgot to post this so cute picture of the haircut I gave my three nephews.
They thought they looked so cool- and they did.
Ian, the youngest, looked in the mirror when I was done and said "perfect".

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tahoe Trip Photo Update

Beautiful Lake Tahoe... this is the scene we saw walking from the car to the beach.
Our fave, garage sale-ing Saturday morning. They are so much better here!

This is me chewing my dad out because during our garage saleing trip he didn't get to McDonald's in time and we missed breakfast. It is situations like this in which you will witness the full wrath of Nicole. Notice the worker framed in the middle of us staring. haha.

My wrath pacified.

My hip grandma keeping up with current events during the car ride from garage sale to garage sale.

Walking to the beach with Cakers.
More updates to come...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Darling Ginny

I am so so happy that you commented because guess what I just found two nights ago? Our little black book of all our companionship "secrets". haha. I had totally forgotten about it. I hope you check my blog again sometime soon since I just realized I am like writing to you. Anywho, I just wanted to say that if you have a blog I need the address. I feel like you do and you told me the address, but who can be sure. For those who don't know... Ginny is Sister Olsen, the companion of my last transfer on my mission. Oh how I long for her and that 6 weeks... which is crazy cause my mission was so traumatizing to me. (Inside Joke: -in muffy voice- it was marvelous darling, simply marvelous... listen to me, now listen, you must honk if you want to see the harvest, do you hear me? Honking leads to the harvest darling- it always has! You must listen to me because I'm Sister Reneer and people sing my praises. Sing them Sister Olsen, you know you want to!) (Wait one more from our quotes that I laughed so hard when I read- referring to our contact numbers... "did you count Bella?") haha. We made up a list that was "You might be apostate if..." (think jeff foxworthy). The first one was ... You might be apostate if Giddy Up is in your Vocabulary. Maybe you had to be there, I'm not sure. Anyway this post turned out to be an ode to Ginny, who, keep in mind, peed her pants in public three times during our companionship. Love you Sister Ols!!!! Sincerly, the infamous Sister Reneer-ha