Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beckham Invasion

In honor of the Beckham's arrival.
I forgot to post this so cute picture of the haircut I gave my three nephews.
They thought they looked so cool- and they did.
Ian, the youngest, looked in the mirror when I was done and said "perfect".


heather said...

sooo ian. I love that kid.

Anonymous said...

I have one word for you. "Eclipse" I just picked up my copy at Barnes and Noble. So excited to start reading. I miss you.



nicole said...

Mandi- I preordered it on Amazon, so it should be coming soon after I get back. so so excited!

Syndi said...

Love their haircut, need to get my son a Beckham haircut, LOL

GRodenberg said...

where were you when Austin mistakenly walked into the Walmart hair place for a trim???? aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!