Monday, July 30, 2007

Little Update

So much good stuff coming up... First of all, I leave for Tahoe via Utah tomorrow morning and I couldn't be more excited about it. Actually, that's a lie. I could be more excited about it if Tyler were able to come with me. I will miss him and am sad that he has to be slaving away in the hot sun, while I am laying by the lake in the hot sun. Also, I get such anxiety being away from him and out of my normal routine. I know, I'm getting totally crazy in my old age. But, other than those two things I am so so excited. Also I get to see the Reneers, Ives, Kelsie foo, my new little niece Sophia (who I have not seen yet) and those Reneers, my dad and Kathi, and last but certainly not least, Grandma Crepps. Where are the Rodenbergs when you need em?? Also an exciting tidbit.... I just got a job (which I am very excited about) working two days a week at Dermachic. What's Dermachic you ask? You can check it out here: It is a laser & skincare center that does all sorts of yummy things with all sorts of yummy products. It is just a cute little office in the Rexburg Medical Center. My good friend Rachel, who is the coolest, hooked me up, for which I am very grateful. Anywho, I'll still have my booth to do hair, but I'll be able to get awesome training doing things like microdermabrasion and the like as well. So cool. So thanks again Rachel, I owe you one. Maybe I'll return the favor with a bro-in-law. haha. Totally kidding- and don't worry, he doesn't read my blog!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


The newest graduate from Evan's Hairstyling College!! I feel so proud of myself and so so happy that it is over. I feel that I can finally start living life again. It's kinda been on hold for a year. As I was driving home yesterday for the last time from school I was blasting and singing my heart out to "obla di obla da life goes on... la la la la life goes on". It seemed very fitting at the time. Here's some things I am very much looking forward to in the near future: I want to bake cookies, write long overdue thank you notes, take trips (starting with Tahoe next week), blog consistently, work out every morning, have someone give ME a pedicure, and oh, what's that big one? Right... actually getting paid for working 8 hours a day. YAY.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tyler's post-stroke check-up...

This is what I walked around the corner to Tyler doing, not even 2 months after the stroke. (he's trying to change a lightbulb.) This is pretty much Tyler in a nutshell.