Monday, December 07, 2009


okay... i'm still kinda settling into life here, so i promise to start updating more once i get it together. it's weird to not have a routine. i don't even know where the library is yet- blasphemous.

so here's the update...
things are going really really good.
tyler is doing awesome with his business and i am super proud of him. withing the first week he had already lined up a few jobs, and gotten a lot of leads. within 2 weeks he has landed a couple of apartment complexes, and lots of businesses, and he hasn't even advertised yet.

we are super blessed.

i am currently cleaning for one of the complexes that tyler does the carpets for. i needed to find something while i waited for my nevada cosmetology license to come through, and this just sort of fell into place. i actually really love it. it is so nice to wear sweats to work and not deal with people at all. (i am cleaning empty apartments, and their main clubhouse). i just listen to my ipod and do my thang. it's super hard work, but i feel like i'm going to the gym for 5 hours a day, so bonus. also i work whatever hours i want and they're paying me well... so double bonus. i think i might take a break from hair for awhile and just do this.
so that's me.

our ward seems pretty good so far. we went to the ward christmas party the other night and had a fun time. it's so different from idaho! it feels like the kind of ward i grew up in which will be fun. tyler was in heaven because we sat by this super cool older couple, and the dude sat back and whisper gossiped with tyler the entire time, telling him the low down on everyone in the ward. tyler's dream.
dottie is enjoying being a reno puppy, but i think she misses her land. (and her gwamma). however, she loves the dog park, conveniently located down the street from our house, so we try to take her as much as possible.

just a heads up... ty will be updating his blog in the near future, so make sure you check it out so you can see 5000 vw bug pictures- ha. but really, check it out... he spent about three hours last night picking out 6 of his favorite songs to put on a playlist for his blog. so cute.

i have been thoroughly enjoying having my family so close. we had thanksgiving at kenny's house and then they came to our house for dinner a couple days later. sophia is the yummiest, and such a happy, funny, good natured two year old. dad and kathi came down for dinner and a movie (new moon whoop whoop), and then dad came down the other day and he and i garage saled and mcdonald's-ed it up. my dream come true.

so.... all in all we are doing great, feeling great, and keep looking at each other and saying how happy we are that we're here.
more later.