Sunday, May 28, 2006

the Tyler in my life

This entry is about Tyler because I miss him, and he is so sad that I'm not home right now. Ashley Boice, my sister in law, just introduced me to a Ben Fold's song I hadn't heard called "the luckiest". So cute. Ever since I heard that song, I have been hearing those words in my head... I feel like I'm the luckiest. I have the best husband in the world, and even though I'm not what people call "responsible", he thinks I'm the best wife in the world. love you babe!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Grandpa Ward

This blog is dedicated to Grandpa Bob Ward, who is not doing so good right now. I just stopped by to visit, and ended up crying with Alice the whole time. He is on his little hospital bed in their den, but he can't really talk or move around, or eat for that matter. He hasn't eaten anything in 9 days, and there's nothing anyone can do for him. So sad. I witnessed a really sweet moment, when Alice was holding his hand and rubbing his face and telling him to leave this body, because it wasn't doing him any good. She told him to go see his son Barry, and his parents and siblings. It just kills her to see him like this and not be able to do anything. We were listening to his Christmas album that he made (on his organ), and while we were listening, he was trying so hard to move his hands around like he was playing the notes. When I left he was able to barely lift his hand and wave goodbye at me, and after I told him that I loved him he half mouthed "love you" back. So sweet.

I guess I better explain the picture... this was at Tyler's birthday party, and I was trying to take a picture of Tyler with Bob. Tyler goes, "c'mon Grandpa", and flips off the camera, so Bob without even looking at the camera lifts up his middle finger with Tyler. The whole family was laughing so hard, it was great.