Friday, December 28, 2007

upcoming hair weekend

fyi- i will be in utah jan 4-5 doing hair at kelly's house. for appointments email me at more posts coming...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

merry christmas to me!!!!

isn't it beautiful?? this is my very own 2007 nissan versa, which although you can't see it has a sunroof (the only thing i've ever wanted in a car my whole life). oh, i'm so in love. tyler just picked it up from boise and brought it home to his deserving wife on friday. what a good husband. i am just so relieved not to be car shopping anymore.... also i must add, it is so choice. if you have the means i highly reccomend picking one up.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

to kelly

top ten reason's to not be depressed/stressed out/in a state of panic...

10. i'll be down there tomorrow
9. you have a keen fashion sense
8. your movie quoting abilities are unparalleled
7. cate is a supergenius who just started talking at school
6. penny lane is a really cute name for a dog
5. think about all those starving kids in africa who don't even have zoloft
4. the twilight series was written
3. i always make you look super hot when i'm down there
2. i was born (much to your chagrin at the time, but you gotta give it up for how well that worked out)

and the number one reason is...

1. diet coke

okay, i gotta locamote... the schwanns man is going to beat me to my house...

Friday, November 09, 2007

things i am looking forward to with pleasure...

*in no particular order*
hair weekend in utah hanging out with kell and various other people that i love
all the good christmas presents i am going to give to people
thanksgiving food
christmas in tahoe
dinner tonight (i'm real hungry)
a day off of work tomorrow
hot rod coming out on dvd
a much needed getaway with tyler... don't know when or where... but hopefully soon
having a baby (mostly pleasure... but when i hear babies crying = dread)
buying heather's camera
sunday hanging out with the boice's
once again, christmas in tahoe
starting over for the third time the twilight series
*what is your number one thing that you are looking forward to RIGHT as you're reading this?*

Sunday, November 04, 2007

attention please...

After much grumbling about me blogging, Tyler has started a blog for himself. You'll find it at Check it out if you want to see Tyler as his next look-alike:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Tyler's been looking an awful lot like Axl Rose lately... I wish I had a camera with me so I could show you an updated picture (this picture really doesn't do it justice). His hair is sooo long... kinda like a mullet. I think what really does it for the two of them is their blonde beards though. Too funny. Tyler said that he's Axl Rose for Halloween (not dressed up), so I said that I'm Heidi Klum... we also have an uncanny resemblance- ha.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

what goes around... goes around... goes around...

Comes all the way back around. Just ask Justin and Britney.
Just a little story I thought was so cool...
The other day I ran to New York burrito on my lunch break. It's fast food, but the kind that has a tip jar by the cash register. SOmetimes I throw in some money, sometimes not. Depends on how much cash I have etc. Well, the worker wasn't particularly cool, but there had been a big long line in front of me and no one had put anything in the jar, which I just thought wasn't right. I decided that I would throw them a bone even though New York burrito makes me mad because it is so expensive and doesn't even offer a punch card of some sort. What am I made of money? Well, I put in the change I got back, almost $2, and the girl doesn't even say thank you. She just watches me do it and then walks away. I was so mad as I walked back to my car. At least I gave you something, no one else did that much, how about a thanks? However as I climed into the driver's seat I decided that I had done my part, so it didn't matter if she was grateful or not. I had done a good deed. (Okay, in my mind it was a good deed).
Fast forward to later that day at work. I stayed a little late to laser this lady who couldn't get off work in time to be there before five. She was thanking me and telling me what a sweetheart I was for staying late, and as she left she took out three dollars and set them on my desk, telling me to go buy a coke. That totally made my day, not because of the money, but because no one gets tips where I work, and I had gotten one. I felt so proud of myself.
It wasn't until that night as I was brushing my teeth that I connected the two events (I'm slow, I know), and I couldn't believe that my tip had come back to me almost doubled.
Isn't life cool?
It reminded me of this poem we had up in one of the apartments I lived in on my mission. It basically said that it doesn't matter how people treat us, as long as we are treating them the way we should, because in the end it's not about us and them... it's about us and God.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

hair and the like

Okay, I am finally sitting my butt down to post about the wonderful hair filled weekend I had down in Utah. It was so fun meeting new people and seeing old friends. And of course there was diet coke and Del Taco a plenty! On a side note... del taco fish tacos are delicious, if you have the means, I highly reccomend picking one up. It was a bit of a party which I love, but a party that I was soooo tired at the end of. Tired but worth it. I love that I have a skill that coerces all the people I love to take the time to come see me! Here are some pictures that I ripped off of people's blogs (sorry!) to show some of the hotties that came for a visit...

Alysha, our very own little brooklyn bean

Mandee... doesn't she look like Vanessa from high school musical? holla

Lindzey- self portrait.

Lily. She's on the phone scheduling her next appointment with me. haha

daaaang... is that Trace? shoot... she's so hot.
(say that in Joe Dirt's voice)

Kennedy, Trace's daughter, also pictured above.... I don't know who the little boy is, I didn't cut his hair. but picture stealers can't be choosers.

Overall, it was a huge success and so much fun. A huge shout out to Kelly for being my assistant, hosting the festivities, and providing hours of entertainment.
If you weren't able to make an appointment this trip and you would like to, or if you did make one and would like another when I come back, you can email me at I'll be coming on November 16-17, the week before Thanksgiving. From here on out, I will be coming down every 6-8 weeks for appointments, so it will be a standing thing.
Also for a little hair inspiration, I am starting a hair blog [], as a sort of online resume/style book/inspiration for new hair ideas etc. So come check it out!
PS- dad do you recognize the blog name? you came up with it. haha

Sunday, October 14, 2007

would you like a puppy??

I have so much to update on, but I will limit this post to the much anticipated (mostly by grant) puppy pictures. They turned four weeks old on Friday, but are still so tiny! These were taken today on the front lawn, in the beautiful leaves and light of a perfect fall day. These probably don't do them justice, they are so yummy. I'll try to narrow it down, but there are a lot of good ones...

These next couple are for Grant and Cate... here they are- cubby and peanut. (I'm sorry, Cubby I like, but I can't change peanut into penny... it just doesn't fit)


check out those blue eyes on him. drago has blue eyes, and so do both the boys.

one more of him

little peanut... still the smallest

peanut playing with a leaf

one more of her

Tyra Banks sticking her tongue out for the camera

Louis stuck in a plant

Dottie playing with her Ninja (so cute)... what a fun, young mom!

After their photo/play session they were all shivering and tired, so Tyler tucked them into his sweatshirt and they promptly fell asleep.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I've been tagged

Sara tagged me which gave me an excuse to update my blog, so thanks Sara.
Here goes...

What was I doing 10 years ago...
sophmore year of high school-wow I'm old-playing tennis, because that was my fall sport. being cozy with my parents.

What was I doing 5 years ago...
I was in Rexburg on my third year of college. I had just started dating Tyler, which is funny because I came up here with the intention of preparing for my mission ONLY, not dating or being serious with anyone, and I met Tyler the first day. As the saying goes, the pathway to hell is filled with good intentions. Just kidding, Tyler's not hell... and I still made it on the mission.

What was I doing 1 year ago...
cosmetology school, cosmetology school, cosmetology school... day in and day out. I also had a very fun break of going to kenny's wedding in Tahoe with all my siblings. In fact that was pretty close to exactly a year ago. That was a real fun trip. I feel cozy even thinking about it.

What was I doing yesterday...
I worked at dermachic, ran errands, hung out with Tyler, Dottie, and the pups, and watched SNL the best of Jimmy Fallon, which incidentally is hilarious.

5 places I'd rather be...
1). cozy in my bed with Tyler and a funny show
2). cozy with Tyler laying on the beach of a tropical island
3). with my three sisters
4). with my five siblings
5). tahoe
6). one more... anywhere with a good book/magazine/movie/diet coke

5 treats/snacks that I love...
1). diet coke
2). tacos
3). IHOP
4). dutch apple pie with french vanilla ice cream
5). any sort of carb... especially those that are salty (well, just not sweet), so that they go well with diet coke
-I don't know if those all qualify as snacks... I think I'm hungry

What would I do with a million dollars...
Be debt free-including our house payment, go on lots of vacations (including paying for my whole fam to go somewhere together), get a car that doesn't blow blue smoke, shopping, treaties, and then invest the rest

5 favorite TV shows...
Of all time?
1). Arrested Development
2). Seinfeld
3). So you think you can dance
4). The Office / Flavor of Love
5). Saved By the Bell

5 people to tag...
shoot.. I don't know... Rachel R., Roberta, Gloria, Heather, Ashley Boice
that's the only people I can think of that read my blog.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

memoirs of a jack russell terrier....

Hi. My name is Dottie.

These are my five puppies.

These are my five puppies from a different angle.

This is my mom in heaven because my five puppies are cozying her on the couch.

This is my dad and me a couple hours before I had my puppies.
stay tuned for updates on the world's cutest little pug russells...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

puppies and busy-ness

My life is so busy lately! Adding to that is one very happy addition to our family of five beautiful, healthy, whiny, hungry puppies. I will post some pictures soon or you can click on the "mamma berta" link on my sidebar and check them out there. Delicious. I could eat them. We are so proud of Dottie, she is such a good mom. I'll post more soon...
PS- I forgot to mention- they are a jack russell/pug mix

Monday, August 27, 2007

hooray for kirsti!! my bestest friend!!

Wow... who does that girl's hair?
Kirsti came into town yesterday for one day only... sunday sunday sunday... and I had so much fun laying around and talking to her and squeezing very cute little Navy. I love you Kirsti. Seeing her made me realize how much I miss her and value her friendship. As always she is my hair muse and she came over early this morning before she had to leave so we could play around. We were trying to get to blonde, but her color wouldn't pull, so we decided that orange looked even better. But really, what can't Kirsti look hot in?
Yes, that is one inch of my face and hair on the side of the pic, but I looked so hideous I had to cut myself out. Yikes.
A couple of side notes.....
1. Ashley Boice, I believe you made an offer that you were going to bring the boys up here and visit me.... I'm waiting...
2. Whitney Boice- I can't wait until you come visit so I can see your beautiful little baby.
3. Sara Michelle Horrocks, I know you don't think that we're "tight" anymore but I love you as much as I ever did or more, and yes, we are still best friends- check the sidebar folks. You mean so so much to me. And by the way, change the settings on your blog s I can comment even though I don't have a google account.
4. Glor- I keep thinking about you, and now that I am mentally stable I realize even more than i did then how much your visit out here helped me. You were amazing as always, and totally took over everything that i needed to do but couldn't. love you.
4. Lindsey Z- yes the puppies are for sale, but don't worry, I'd give you a good deal (wink). And they are going to be real cute, I'm pretty sure. And I'll give you a real cute haircut.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

a few of my favorite things...


1). This above picture of Tyler on the fourth of July, during the annual Boice family huge plastic slip n slide event. It is literally huge and goes down the whole length/hill of the backyard. They lube it with the hose and a whole Costco size bottle of dish soap. Captured is Tyler being shot off of the end into the grass.
2). I passed my state board of cosmetology test and am now a licensed cosmetologist.
3). After appealing the county's denial to help with our medical bills, they agreed to help us and got them reduced from 36 thousand dollars to 11 thousand dollars.
4). Dottie is fat pregnant with pug russells.
5). Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse
6). Gardenburgers on whole wheat bagels with swiss cheese and a fresca.
7). I feel so so happy with my life right now. Everything is going so well... I am blessed.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beckham Invasion

In honor of the Beckham's arrival.
I forgot to post this so cute picture of the haircut I gave my three nephews.
They thought they looked so cool- and they did.
Ian, the youngest, looked in the mirror when I was done and said "perfect".

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tahoe Trip Photo Update

Beautiful Lake Tahoe... this is the scene we saw walking from the car to the beach.
Our fave, garage sale-ing Saturday morning. They are so much better here!

This is me chewing my dad out because during our garage saleing trip he didn't get to McDonald's in time and we missed breakfast. It is situations like this in which you will witness the full wrath of Nicole. Notice the worker framed in the middle of us staring. haha.

My wrath pacified.

My hip grandma keeping up with current events during the car ride from garage sale to garage sale.

Walking to the beach with Cakers.
More updates to come...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Darling Ginny

I am so so happy that you commented because guess what I just found two nights ago? Our little black book of all our companionship "secrets". haha. I had totally forgotten about it. I hope you check my blog again sometime soon since I just realized I am like writing to you. Anywho, I just wanted to say that if you have a blog I need the address. I feel like you do and you told me the address, but who can be sure. For those who don't know... Ginny is Sister Olsen, the companion of my last transfer on my mission. Oh how I long for her and that 6 weeks... which is crazy cause my mission was so traumatizing to me. (Inside Joke: -in muffy voice- it was marvelous darling, simply marvelous... listen to me, now listen, you must honk if you want to see the harvest, do you hear me? Honking leads to the harvest darling- it always has! You must listen to me because I'm Sister Reneer and people sing my praises. Sing them Sister Olsen, you know you want to!) (Wait one more from our quotes that I laughed so hard when I read- referring to our contact numbers... "did you count Bella?") haha. We made up a list that was "You might be apostate if..." (think jeff foxworthy). The first one was ... You might be apostate if Giddy Up is in your Vocabulary. Maybe you had to be there, I'm not sure. Anyway this post turned out to be an ode to Ginny, who, keep in mind, peed her pants in public three times during our companionship. Love you Sister Ols!!!! Sincerly, the infamous Sister Reneer-ha

Monday, July 30, 2007

Little Update

So much good stuff coming up... First of all, I leave for Tahoe via Utah tomorrow morning and I couldn't be more excited about it. Actually, that's a lie. I could be more excited about it if Tyler were able to come with me. I will miss him and am sad that he has to be slaving away in the hot sun, while I am laying by the lake in the hot sun. Also, I get such anxiety being away from him and out of my normal routine. I know, I'm getting totally crazy in my old age. But, other than those two things I am so so excited. Also I get to see the Reneers, Ives, Kelsie foo, my new little niece Sophia (who I have not seen yet) and those Reneers, my dad and Kathi, and last but certainly not least, Grandma Crepps. Where are the Rodenbergs when you need em?? Also an exciting tidbit.... I just got a job (which I am very excited about) working two days a week at Dermachic. What's Dermachic you ask? You can check it out here: It is a laser & skincare center that does all sorts of yummy things with all sorts of yummy products. It is just a cute little office in the Rexburg Medical Center. My good friend Rachel, who is the coolest, hooked me up, for which I am very grateful. Anywho, I'll still have my booth to do hair, but I'll be able to get awesome training doing things like microdermabrasion and the like as well. So cool. So thanks again Rachel, I owe you one. Maybe I'll return the favor with a bro-in-law. haha. Totally kidding- and don't worry, he doesn't read my blog!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


The newest graduate from Evan's Hairstyling College!! I feel so proud of myself and so so happy that it is over. I feel that I can finally start living life again. It's kinda been on hold for a year. As I was driving home yesterday for the last time from school I was blasting and singing my heart out to "obla di obla da life goes on... la la la la life goes on". It seemed very fitting at the time. Here's some things I am very much looking forward to in the near future: I want to bake cookies, write long overdue thank you notes, take trips (starting with Tahoe next week), blog consistently, work out every morning, have someone give ME a pedicure, and oh, what's that big one? Right... actually getting paid for working 8 hours a day. YAY.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tyler's post-stroke check-up...

This is what I walked around the corner to Tyler doing, not even 2 months after the stroke. (he's trying to change a lightbulb.) This is pretty much Tyler in a nutshell.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

the kelly to my mccaleb

I just wanted to say that I really really really like my sister Kelly. And unlike the vast majority of her fans, it is not because she is creative, or a good photographer, or a "published scrapbooker", or because she will do a photo shoot for the bargain price of $75 to those in utah county, or even because she is ridiculously good looking. No I love Kelly because we just talked on the phone for 45 minutes, reading blogs and comments and what not, and were laughing to the point of cackles the whole time. I love that she doesn't get mad at me because i am too lazy and feel in my mind (a zoloft deprived mind) that I am too busy and stressed out to give her the praise that she deserves, and the dedicatory blog entries that I know she wants. she is my best friend. forever.
PS- Zoom in to the right of this picture for a glimpse of Kelly. It was the only picture I had in "My Pictures" with her in it. she does look cute though...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

quick update

Things are going good. I'm back in school now which was a hard transition but the time will fly by I'm sure. I just found out that my last day is July 21st, so exactly two months left. yay! Tyler and I plan on going to Tahoe sometime inbetween when I graduate and when I take the boards on August 20th. Tyler is doing so well... it's like a night and day difference between the last entry and now. But he still has a long road ahead of him getting back his coordination, so please keep up the prayers. Dottie is as naughty as ever. Her new thing is jumping up on cars. Like on the hood and roof. That and running wild in the neighborhood... she was in one of the neighbors houses the other day! We definitly need some sort of fence. She is so cute though and we love her. Just a shout out to all my family (and Tyler's of course), everyone has done so much for us it's unbelievable. We will be forever grateful to you all and we love you!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Sicky Husband

I am like, so stressed out right now, and have been on the verge of a meltdown, so I just want to take a timeout to count my blessings. I have the best family and friends who are so supportive and i know would do anything for Tyler and me. That, in the midst of struggles, is so comforting. I just want to give a little shout out to Dr. "Feelgood" Dave Ives. He's the one to call to make it alright. (there's a little 80's rock for ya Dave [like you even read my blog]). Dave was so so so patient and helpful, and not to mention totally informed and accurate in his diagnosis. So thank you Dave for your wisdom and time. I posted a sicky picture of Tyler at the doctor. So sad. Everyone please continue to pray for him, because he's still not 100% by any means, even though he is significantly better. Thank you for all your fasting and prayers. It means so much to us. We love you!

Friday, April 06, 2007

My Muse and My Puppy

Doing hair is like my all time number one favorite thing to do, and I don't want to brag, but I'm really really good at it. Name that movie anyone? I did a full makeover on Kirsti yesterday at school for a project and these are the results. Hot no? I heart this haircut and color too. In fact i don't know which one i love more. And who could look better in it than Kirsti, hot mom of a three month old baby. I love love cutting Kirsti's hair, it is so fun. Mainly because I can do whatever I want (such a wonderful source of creative freedom and inspiration), and also because of her creative direction... which is without fail "shorter".
Below is my puppy Dottie in her driving position. She gets on her tippy toes to stick her head out the window. We can't roll it down anymore though, or she most likely will jump out.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Let me count the ways...

I came across the notebook that I was using during the time that I was planning my wedding, and read a list that I made of the reasons why I love Tyler. They made me laugh and smile and re-appreciate (is that a word) my very cute -then fiance- now husband, so I thought I would share a few....

- I find candy wrappers in the washing machine after he does his laundry
- when we went to see "the ring" in the movie theatre he snored (not intentionally) during the most intense scary part
- he always opens my bedroom door without knocking with the hope that I'm changing
- a lot of times we act like we're in kindergarten
- whenever there's a family get together he spends all of his time playing with the kids
- he said that when he sees my profile he thinks I am the most beautiful person in the world
- if it's humanly possible, he needs more attention than me
- the only thing that stopped him from getting sleeve tattoos was the thought that I might not approve or want to marry him
- he loved my mom
- my mom loved him
- he has held my hair and rubbed my back two different times when I've thrown up (and then he cleans up)
- he can make anything cool
- he loves to pee anywhere but the toilet (i.e. off his parents deck)
- he has the cutest smile and mouth (the corners curl up a little bit)
- I asked him to pick me up from school and he showed up on his bike (he made me ride on the handlebars)
- after he saw me trying on my wedding dress he told me he really liked my "features"
- he lives vicariously through the dogs by feeding them 37 treats a day

So, those are but a few from the list, but you get the idea. The other night as we were falling asleep, Tyler said in his groggy voice "you're my best friend". I could not agree more.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Life as I know it...

I never know what to say on these dang things. Don't get me wrong, I have many inspired thoughts and ideas and things to share... but I never stop when one happens and say, I should blog this. I do want to give a little shout out to miss Ashley Boice who I love with all my heart. I'm glad that you want to know every detail about my house living, dog-filled life. I just wish that you would come up to visit to hear it. BTW, I was laughing so hard at your come lo todo. Well, just a little update, I only have three months of school left. Could I be any happier? as Chandler would say. Tyler has phased out Kelly Canyon and phased in Northern Lawns. Dottie is probably the cutest dog any of you will ever see in your life. While I'm on the subject, I don't think it will be in my interest to have children, because I'm pretty sure that Tyler will forget all about me when we do. Dottie gets way more attention from him. He talks to her in baby voice telling her what a beautiful sweetheart she is and how much he loves her and how pretty she is. I am currently spending every minute that I can watching Gilmore Girls. I have Kelly's DVDs of the first three seasons so I started from the beginning and am getting caught up. What a wonderful but time sucking show. My highlights of today were finally getting our bed that we ordered... did somebody say King size??? Oh yeah, that was me when we ordered it. And we also got our kitchen table that we spent an hour putting together. Not too fun but worth it. Well, that's the update for now. I'll think of something thoughtful and creative and inspired to say for next time.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Wittle Puppy Dog

This is our new puppy!! We haven't brought her home yet, but we bought her last night. She is a Jack Russell terrior, Papered and all that. She's 13 weeks old so not super brand new... but we don't have time for super brand new, so that's probably good. She is so cute and we love her. Any suggestions for a name? I call her Olive, but I don't think Tyler will go for that. Give us some ideas!