Sunday, October 14, 2007

would you like a puppy??

I have so much to update on, but I will limit this post to the much anticipated (mostly by grant) puppy pictures. They turned four weeks old on Friday, but are still so tiny! These were taken today on the front lawn, in the beautiful leaves and light of a perfect fall day. These probably don't do them justice, they are so yummy. I'll try to narrow it down, but there are a lot of good ones...

These next couple are for Grant and Cate... here they are- cubby and peanut. (I'm sorry, Cubby I like, but I can't change peanut into penny... it just doesn't fit)


check out those blue eyes on him. drago has blue eyes, and so do both the boys.

one more of him

little peanut... still the smallest

peanut playing with a leaf

one more of her

Tyra Banks sticking her tongue out for the camera

Louis stuck in a plant

Dottie playing with her Ninja (so cute)... what a fun, young mom!

After their photo/play session they were all shivering and tired, so Tyler tucked them into his sweatshirt and they promptly fell asleep.


kelly said...

we love our kids.

lindsey said...

Ahhh! They are so cute!

Trace Gibson said...

Great pics Nicole--look all crisp and "fall-like" with beautiful colors and sun (you must have a "sweet" camera, hee hee) Okay, so these puppies are really DARLING, but I'm afraid my heart's still frozen and I remain a snotty non-animal-lover. Girl, you need a KID of your own!!! I'm so happy that you did a new post though, I look at your blog every other day hoping to see how beautiful Nicole is doing! P.S. You've changed our lives with your magical haircutting scissors; thank you!

shauna said...

i want peanut...and for you to come visit me...this your your options...or both

alliehoopes said...

You are gaining a hair fan club in Evanston, Wyoming :)

And my family much appreciates you fixing the problems I'd caused to Lily's head

sarawhat said...

ooooo, I want a cute little baby. I love them.

ashleyboice said...

Nicole...are you going to be in town this weekend...I think I am packing up the boys and coming to town. What do you think??

GRodenberg said...

now I am leaning toward the lighter ones! SO cute & great pics coco. Tahoe was weird without you there to cozy & read books & go on bike rides!

nicole said...

yay yay yay! Ashley please come!!