Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Let me count the ways...

I came across the notebook that I was using during the time that I was planning my wedding, and read a list that I made of the reasons why I love Tyler. They made me laugh and smile and re-appreciate (is that a word) my very cute -then fiance- now husband, so I thought I would share a few....

- I find candy wrappers in the washing machine after he does his laundry
- when we went to see "the ring" in the movie theatre he snored (not intentionally) during the most intense scary part
- he always opens my bedroom door without knocking with the hope that I'm changing
- a lot of times we act like we're in kindergarten
- whenever there's a family get together he spends all of his time playing with the kids
- he said that when he sees my profile he thinks I am the most beautiful person in the world
- if it's humanly possible, he needs more attention than me
- the only thing that stopped him from getting sleeve tattoos was the thought that I might not approve or want to marry him
- he loved my mom
- my mom loved him
- he has held my hair and rubbed my back two different times when I've thrown up (and then he cleans up)
- he can make anything cool
- he loves to pee anywhere but the toilet (i.e. off his parents deck)
- he has the cutest smile and mouth (the corners curl up a little bit)
- I asked him to pick me up from school and he showed up on his bike (he made me ride on the handlebars)
- after he saw me trying on my wedding dress he told me he really liked my "features"
- he lives vicariously through the dogs by feeding them 37 treats a day

So, those are but a few from the list, but you get the idea. The other night as we were falling asleep, Tyler said in his groggy voice "you're my best friend". I could not agree more.


kelly said...

i LOVE that, i chuckled the whole way through. and mom did love him. and he loved mom. like grant too. very important

Mandi Hong said...

So you are pretty much the cutest thing EVER!!! And I love the bangs in the pics. Oh and by the way, the dress/shirt I bought the other day when we went shopping was so very cute on. We must go shopping again very soon.

heather said...

i laughed too, and he knows what I would say about the sleeve tatoos. ha ha. I am glad you are cozy and happy with your little (as in sweet and wonderful) life up in Rexburg. Cozy house, husband, doggy, and with tyler around it sounds like lots of treaties.

Syndi said...

Sounds Perfect! Except no sleeve tatoos..Danielle my oldest got a tatoo on her arm of a wave and all I can say is Grrrrr..

Ashley said...

How sweet! Love your pictures too. (I got here via your sister's blog).

Melinda said...

Hi Nicole, you're gorgeous! Your new house is also gorgeous. You are so lucky to have so much space. I'm living in a 1968 1500 sqft home in Escondido(said with a spanish accent), in California and I'm wondering how we'll ever move upward.

Anyways, just wanted to say "hi" it's good to hear what you guys are up too!

love ya! mel

GRodenberg said...

Love the bangs coco! I love Tyler too! I am SO glad you are happy.

Kennedy said...

Coco I love your blog and I have one too now. It is at kkrodenberg.blogspot.com. Check it out!