Wednesday, November 14, 2007

to kelly

top ten reason's to not be depressed/stressed out/in a state of panic...

10. i'll be down there tomorrow
9. you have a keen fashion sense
8. your movie quoting abilities are unparalleled
7. cate is a supergenius who just started talking at school
6. penny lane is a really cute name for a dog
5. think about all those starving kids in africa who don't even have zoloft
4. the twilight series was written
3. i always make you look super hot when i'm down there
2. i was born (much to your chagrin at the time, but you gotta give it up for how well that worked out)

and the number one reason is...

1. diet coke

okay, i gotta locamote... the schwanns man is going to beat me to my house...


allie said...

and like.....6 and a half: no kidding. what a super sister!

4 and a half: she knits

eleven: project runway day is today! (are you guys project runway girls? just guessing)

I wish we were coming to get prettified this time!

sarawhat said...

top ten reasons I love Nicole:
1.She's so hot
2.Because she rarely calls or answers her phone, but I still like her anyways.
3. Because she loves diet coke as much as I do.
4.because I think she always looks so funny the way she sucks water out of her one little hand made into a cup shape after she brushes her teeth. Why not use both hands? You'll get more water that way.
5. Because she'll spank your booty. she'll spank it.
6.Because she seems to understand me in a way no one else does.
7.Because she thinks I'm funny when no else does.
8. Because she uses the word "cozy" as often as she uses "it" or "was"
9. Because we made "I don't want to be rude, but...." signs
10. Because we both love Mary Katherine soooo much. "Put your face up to the plastic."

kelly said...

um, sara...this post is about me.

kelly said...

i'm still trying to think of a good enough reply, and am coming up short. so i will simply say thank you, and i am so happy you will be here soon (because i need a fish taco like nobody's business).

TK421 said...

half: Grant Efffin McCaleb

(added by Coco)

GRodenberg said...

POST or call's been too long!

GRodenberg said...

ps what do you get from Schwanns? I can't even afford him!