Thursday, August 06, 2009

a very extensive photo update

okay... i know i am super lazy when it comes to uploading pictures on my blog, so i decided to get it over with in one big post. here is an update on our summer...

i did a little photo shoot of tyler last night while he was shooting his bow. here is the pose he is known for.

this is him trying to hold the pose while he is shooting- ha.

his little stroke hand trying to put his arrow in his bow.

a self portrait since i'm the only one who ever takes pictures.

sigh... i'm a lucky girl. look at this little sweetheart.

i told you, they're off the hook... sorry about the shirt, i don't know how to edit.

the current sucker of tyler's time. his 63 ragtop bug. notice how low it is to the ground. when we drive it around town he counts all the people that stare at "how sweet it is", while i roll my eyes at "how cool he thinks he is".

a couple pics from julie's wedding. this is when we were helping with the wedding flowers.

best friends. big surprise that kirsti's eyes are closed- ha.

dottie loves shauna.

such a kirsti face.

pretty mommy and daughter.

my current passtime: writing and diet dr pepper. they go hand in hand. isn't my new laptop cute? notice, best friends, that you are my screen saver. much to tyler's dismay. he's so jealous.

this is what dottie does to her food bowl when it is empty. she's such a brat.

this is what tyler does when i won't help him make the bed, and i tell him to do it himself. can you guess which side is his? he's an even bigger brat than dottie.

a beautiful tomato in my garden, that i am about to go pick and use in a fiesta bowl for lunch. delish.

i wasn't lying about the corn. can you believe that?? that is tyler with his hand all the way up standing in the middle. it is starting to husk out everywhere. i have a feeling we're going to have more than we know what to do with.

that's all for now... but posts three days in a row??? i can hardly believe it myself.


kelly said...

i am laughing real hard at the two brats you live with.

kirsti osborne said...

wow nicole the corn IS amazing! i totally jealous of your fresh produce. you put some pretty ugly pics of me up, but i forgive you cuz you look cute! i love your brats!

Jane said...

Thank you for posting pictures!!! you look BEAUTIFUL in that solo shot. gosh. That bed making incident is hilarious.
well done on the garden!!

julieb said...

#1 can tyler and matt please be best friends?
#2 i love love that were on your screen saver!!!!
#3 can my dog and your dog please be best friends? (when i get one)
#4 im real jealous of your corn. corn on the ocb is my all time favorite. please stop growing such delicious looking food and making the rest of us look bad.
#5 i just love you and am counting down the days til i get to visit. which probably looks like it wont be til fall break in oct. matt has school blah blah

ashleyboice said...

I love that you are posting.

Teija in PDX said...

Any chance you'll be making your way to UT during the last few weeks of this month?... because I'll be there... and I'd really love to see you.

heather said...

loved the picture update.

sarawhat said...

I noticed the screen saver on your laptop before I even read you pointing it out to us. It brought me extreme euphoria (you can use that word in your writing if you'd like). I love you nicole. And tylers arms are really big and hot. And I really like his shirt. And I really like that picture of're super hot. Have you started the 30 day shred yet? I just finished my workout and I'm sweating all over the computer. I lov eyou.

Elizabeth said...

Dottie has spots on her belly just like my Baby does :)

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