Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy valentime's / birth day!

and yes, i know that i misspelled valentine's day. tyler pronounces it valentime's day no matter how many times i correct him. he even spells it that way. don't ask me.

yesterday was tyler's birthday, which you should know unless you've been living under a rock. just kidding. you probably didn't know, and that's okay. he turned 29. time flies.

i thought i'd say a few nice things about him as his present. (i didn't even get him a card. i know, right?)

here goes:
tyler is really cool, and he has really big muscles, and golden locks of hair, and really pretty blue eyes, and the cutest smile ever (the corners of his mouth always look just a little turned up).
also, he is super talented at so many things, he doesn't embarass me, and he is the hardest worker i've ever met.
he is my best friend. we can catch each others eye and burst out laughing, or say something in a certain way and make the other crack up. he takes care of me when i'm sick, and when i'm really stressed out and anxious, he tells me everything is going to be alright.
he is never ever ever boring. he is endlessly entertaining. even when we are fighting, it's with flair. and flare. both are fitting descriptions.
he talks to dottie in baby voice and i love it.
he is definitly one of a kind.
thank goodness.

ps- roberta, you should have seen his face light up when he saw your blog post about him. he felt so special.

pps- if you'd like to give tyler a present as well, you may leave him a comment wishing him a happy birthday. it will make him most happy. it also never hurts to comment on his muscles... he really likes that too.

ppss- for some reason this post won't let me put on a picture. c'est la vie.


cort said...

This is Ash not Cort.

yay...first comment. Ty we were thinking about you all day yesterday.

What can I say about Ty. He is one of my favorite brothers...and that is saying a lot since I have 14 brother's in total. He always wants everyone to be comfortable and included. He really is so caring.

He has always been my friend...ever since I first came into the family I felt close to him right away. (Maybe it is because we are only a year apart)

Oh and of course I love that my Robert acts so much like him. Together they crack me up.

We miss you guys so much...and can't wait to see you guys this month sometime. (I think we are going to try to go up when you guys go to Rexburg...where are you staying??)

bBchronicles said...

Pretty cool post - how much did Tyler pay you to write all those compliments - was it $10 per compliment. Nope, knowing him, it was 5 compliments for $10!!! - being the cheap-skate that he is . . . oppps, that would be frugalness!

Luv you tons for remaining married to this man who reminds me of his father in every way. Listen, I'll PAY YOU to STAY married to him - take it or leave it!

Luv MomBerta
Coles: you're the BEST!

sarawhat said...

Happy Birthday Tyler! You the only one of Nicole's boyfriends that I ever liked and lobbied for. So glad she married you. I have good taste. haha. If I were rino I would touch your arm, say "Happy Birthday" then gasp in shock and say "You have SUCH big muscles". But I'm not there, so you'll just have to IMAGINE it happened.

kelly said...

dear tyler,
your forearms are amazing. so are your hip pops.

GRodenberg said...

Happy Bday Tyler! Wish we were there to tell you in person! I'd even let Dottie sleep with you that night, instead of her waiting until you were asleep, and then sneaking into my room to spoon me. :)

shauna.m. said...

yaaayy tyler so glad you were born...and so glad i am your adopted daughter!! cant wait to visit you in reno so i can see you huge muscles!!!