Tuesday, March 02, 2010

oh my... what an up and down long weekend i've had

i have so much to blog about.

first and foremost, is that i just got fired. i know, right? they didn't have a reason for me (which makes sense seeing as i've never done anything wrong), but i'm pretty sure i just got lumped in with my boss who got fired last week. the thing that really pisses me off is that they waited a week to fire me after her, and i know it's so that i could answer all the new property manager's questions about where everything was, the status of crap, etc.... here's how i'm feeling about my firing:

1. i am relieved that i don't have to work today (haha)
2. i am feeling indignant because i was a good employee (obviously)
3. the work environment was getting yucky and the boss is a really horrible person to work for in general so it's kind of a relief to not have to be in that environment.
4. super shell shocked... i keep thinking, i can't believe i got fired.
5. worried about what i'm going to do next.
6. excited for what i'm going to do next.
7. i feel like this is meant to be for some reason. maybe i'll finish my book sooner than i thought.
8. thank goodness i have a sugar daddy.

overall, i know that even though i might be depressed and hurt for a few days, heavenly father always always takes care of me. so i've got that going for me.

okay, on to other things...

we went to rexburg this weekend. it was such a good trip. i cannot emphasize enough how much i love the boice family. the trip made me want to move in with roberta and bob and never leave their house. i feel like that's not a normal response to one's in-laws, but i have really good ones.
the official reason for the trip was to do taxes, which we did. don't get me started on taxes. don't even get me started. is it me, or is america set up to punish you for being successful? i cannot believe how much money the government rakes in every year. who are they held accountable to??? where is all that freaking money going??? i am disgusted. do you know that they picked a number (right at the point of being succesful) and if you make more than that, you pay 10 PERCENT MORE on every dollar? it's like what's the point? why try to make your business succesful if it all goes to nasa, nukes, and people's welfare checks. ugh. i want to file for unemployment just so i can start taking some back. sorry, enough tax talk.

a highlight of the trip was getting to see my kirsti. oh how i love her. also, navy is quite possibly the funniest little girl ever. it wouldn't do her justice to describe her, you have to experience it first hand.

okay, one last thing (even though there's more stuff, but i feel drained).
tyler was cleaning the carpets in this super nice huge house last week, and he saw a bowl of candy hearts. the guy was in the other room, so he figured it was okay if he snuck one, so he popped one in his mouth... only to discover that they were wooden! they were a decoration.! haha. i laughed and laughed when he told me that.

okay, that's all for now. i'll keep it updated. and i'll also keep it real. those are my promises to you :)


Kayli said...

Okay, you don't even know me (though I have a cousin who came down from Canada once and you cut her hair), but I just wanted to say I like reading your blog. It's funny.
And I am way curious what your book is about. I mean, in general terms. What genre? For what audience? How'd you come up with the idea. That kind of thing.
My sister and I have written a book (YA fantasy novel) and we have a manager who is in the process of getting it sold for us. Wouldn't that be nice.

So, that's your random comment for the day. :)

julieb said...

im sorry you got fired, but excied for you to write, and maybe update that blog..... please.

bBchronicles said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnn . . . .the 'BLACK BEDROOM' is awaiting your arrival . . .(sheets for curtains - that one). You can finish the book THERE . . . then, of course, I get mentioned in the preface for having supplied the room that inspired the last chapter - "My name is Bob"!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the MOST RANDOM THING I'VE EVER SAID ! ! ! ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - I can't stop laughing hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
!!!! Oh well - I'm missing you guys! Sorry the 'loosers' fired you - they'll come to regret their decision - as loosers always do.

Luv you!

bBchronicles said...

PS. "DITTY, gwanma misses YOU!!!!"
PSS. "TY-LARD, I miss you tooooooo!"

heather said...

1. I have a job for you.
2. You just needed to get to know the past property manager.
3. I hope your boss doesn't read your blog.
4. I wish i loved my in laws more. Maybe i won't until i have your goodness (lizzie to jane).
5. Your taxes pay dave's salary. thanks. smile.
6. Dave didn't work extra this year because they take over %50. sick.
7. i want to meet navy bean.
8. I want to know if tyler put the wooden heart back after he put it in his mouth.
9. I think I can seriously help tyler with essential oils. for realses.
10. and number 10, drum roll please. I really love your posts, and look forward to them. maybe your book should have a blogger format. i think that is a good idea. smile.

ashleyboice said...

what am I chopped liver? haha

so sorry about your job.

shauna.m. said...

you didnt get fired ...u got layed off...i mean unless you do something bad that is what it is....so now you really can get unemployment....huzzah! just come visit me already

sarawhat said...

I just laughed out loud about the wooden hearts. That is something you would see in a sitcom. I'm sorry you're sad about getting fired, but just think about the LAST time you got fired and you'll start laughing. Getting fired is funny. Just remember that. Then file for unemployment and get some of your tax money back. I wish I was there during your unemployed time so we could go to the gym together, then go shopping, then go out to lunch somewhere really yummy and unhealty to cancel out our workouts. Love you Nicole! And jealous you got to see Kirsti and Navy.

Teija in PDX said...

Well, at least you no longer have to wish you could file for unemployment. You actually CAN, and should. :)

GRodenberg said...

almost as funny as your blog entry, is everyone else's response! oh how i love cole cole an her friends and family. ps serves tylard right for stealing! haha

Kirsti said...

that tyler story is hilarious and oh so tyler! i love it and him! it was so good to see you guys and i'm still depressed about you leaving. it was such a tease to have here. when can we live close by each other again? i need you. you make me so happy and navy love you so much and is still talking about OUR best friend coco. sorry about getting fired but now you have a good excuse not to work! now you don't even need to have a baby!! haha! i love you and miss you! thanks for coming to see me!

Carpenters said...

Hi There, I have been following your sisters blog for a while. You moved to Reno Right? You do hair...Let me know I might have a place for you to try...It is a very nice salon and spa in town...My friend owns it and the last I knew they were looking for a stylist...Nicole

Carpenters said...

What Reno Ward are you in? She is also in one of the Reno Ward's. I really think you would like it there. Check out MAZA Salon and I will let you know who to be in touch with....

Carpenters said...