Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i don't have one thing to blog about, i have many things to blog about so (surprise) i'm gonna list it out...

1. as i type this tyler has dottie cradled in is arms in a sweet embrace and is giving her kisses while she makes little groans. she is serious competition for me.

2. speaking of tyler you should go read his blog. he is reallly into blogging right now. he stayed up until like 2:30 the other morning getting all his settings and layout tweaked. just a little warning... before you click on it turn down your volume, cause chances are punk will start blaring at you.

3. the salon is going sooosooo good. i love it. i love the people that work there, and i am making good money already, which means that when i get busy i'll be making a whole mess of money. i've never really been driven to make money before, but why not right?

4. oh my... i sure hope none of you were quick to read the draft of this post that was just published. let me splain: tyler read over my shoulder #1 on this list and tried to get me to delete it... i said no way... he said delete it now, blah blah blah... i said you think #1 is bad look at this one. i then proceeded to type something reaaallly inappropriate to make tyler laugh. at which point he stole the laptop and published the post while i chased him around the island in the kitchen for 5 minutes screaming how not funny this was and that my mission president is probably reading it. (not really, but anyone reading it would have been pretty mortifying). long story short... i am not deleting #1.

-well, now that my heartrate has slowed back down from that little episode, on to number

5. my grandma is staying with us for the week and my heart is full of love for her. it's so hard to watch people get so old. i have really felt the weight of my mom wanting me/my family to love and take care of her mom for her, since she can't be here to do it herself. and i am so proud of my dad and have gained a new level of love for him for taking grandma into his home and treating her like his own mother. not to mention kathi. thank you kathi for loving and taking care of our grandma. also, how did i never notice how similar i am to grandma? it's like i got every one of her genes. also, she is sooo funny. she can barely remember names and places anymore, yet is cracking us up with her wit. she is so quick. you should hear her and tyler banter back and forth... she keeps up with every one of his teasings. tyler i'm sure will be posting some pictures soon of our adventures with g-ma. if not i guess i'll get my lazy butt to do it.

6. there should be a job called "dog commentator", and tyler and i should both have that job. we are really good at making commentary on what dogs are thinking and saying. most of our dogs can't pronounce their R's, but a select few talk in the grey poupon voice. we are really big dorks.

umm, i'll stop there, with hopefully another update in the near future.


Berta said...

WOULD YOU PLEASE 'RAMBLE' M.O.R.E. ! ! ! ! GREAT post of the haps in the Boice Family! I happen to LOVE #1 and will not let him live it down - it's personal!

Thanks for updating and keeping us posted on 'dog-talk' (can hear the 'R's' in my head).

MORE, MORE, MORE - BTW, love hearing about your gma. Do you wanna swop?!!!!!!!!! Don't let gma ward read this! (Okay, just for the record, I was joking!!! - okay, now I've covered my bases!)

GRodenberg said...

laughing out loud always

Kirsti said...

you are so funny! i love the dog inpersonations. you guys crack me up!! roberta is hilarious too! what an awesome mom-in-law! call me when you are not too busy making LOTS of mullah!

lolalouise said...

what salon are you at?