Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the haps on the craps

after checking it for the umpteenth time, tyler said "update your blog you butthole". so i figured it was time.

lots of good great stuff is going on, plus one really sad thing.
i'll discuss the sad thing first.
the tahoe house, aka the house i grew up in, aka my last connection to my mom, has been sold and must be vacated by june 24th.
when i got my dad's family email about it i started sobbing at work.
who knew it would hit me that hard.
i am super sad, and it's going to be really hard... but as tyler pointed out, i have my mom in each of my sisters, not just in that house. my goal is to buy it one day. i love that house.

on to a happy thing...

...which is that if we are eeeeevvvveeeerrrr able to reproduce, i think said offspring will have really pretty blue eyes.

also a happy thing:
seminary is over in 2.5 weeks. i won't even know what to do with all my free time from 5:30 to 7:30! oh right... i'll be sleeping.

great news:
i love my job.

even better news:
gloria is coming to visit.

but the best news:
we are teaching dottie how to do backflips.
(you know you're impressed)

on a sidenote:
did you know that there are dogs on you tube that say 'i love you'?

tyler and grandma walking downtown.

speaking of downtown...
ty and i went to there on saturday night to people watch and walk dottie. it was so fun. i love reno. such a cool town... who knew? they have in the middle of downtown a big cement area (which is an ice skating rink in the winter and serves as the rink for the girls roller derby in the summer), filled with skateboarders and ramps/rails etc. that a local skate shop hauls down for the night. how cool is that? then you walk a block over and it's the baseball stadium with the minor league reno aces playing to a packed stadium, which stadium is connected to a couple bars and restaurants.
then you turn the corner and you have the gentleman's club... oh wait. scratch that part.
actually it really is there though, and as we were walking by with dottie, some drunk guy leaned over the railing as he was headed in and said to dottie, "what the hell are you doing here?"
haha. dog humor.

speaking of dogs. this is sammy, kenny's dog that we watched for a couple days. couldn't you just eat him up? he is sleeping on tyler's dirty clothes, which tyler so generously left on the floor for him.

okay, update complete.


kelly said...

very good update, i thoroughly enjoyed it

Oliver said...

l love when you update. As I was going to sleep last night I saw that you had posted and it made my night. We miss you guys.

ashleyboice said...

obviously I am not Oliver...wow how smart would he be if he could type that good?? Don't ask me how the boy has his own profile. (oh wait he has a blog...hahahaa it is so funny...skateoli.blogspot.com)

Mandi said...

oh how we miss you but are so happy that you are so happy and doing well. liv and i were in Rexburg on Monday and as we drove down main street she said that she missed her coco so much. and we were real sad when we went to go get a bagel and found that the bagel shop had closed down. we had so many lunches with you there.

sarawhat said...

I miss you. And I laughed really hard the guy at the gentleman's club asking dottie what she was doing there. Really really hard. The scenario played out in my head.

GRodenberg said...

#1 roller derby. LOVE that idea! Let's go watch it when I'm there.
#2 backflips??? hilarious and she is a mother.so impressive
#3 i don't remember
oh yah...14 days!!!!!!!!!111

shauna.m. said...

he probably recognized dottie...shes probably been sneaking there...like the time she ran away from home and got knocked up...ohhhh i miss u and need a phone call reallll bad

Kennedy said...

Hey cocoa! I love your updates! totally fun and they also make me miss you like CRAZY! :) Hopefully i'll be able to see you when i go to volleyball camp!
Love and want cozies!

Kirsti said...

sooo funny! i can't wait to see dottie's backflips.

heather D said...

Yeah, I can't believe that Reno makes a separate place for men to itch themselves. Wow, every town needs one of those. Loved the update.