Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a non-generic update

my heart feels full right now. (probably cause i'm listening to church music... i'm so mushy).

anyway, did you know that there is a world renown fertility specialist that lives in reno?
did you know that he is mormon?
he has an office in reno, orem, and hawaii. he opened the one in hawaii to accomodate all the people that were coming to see him from asia.
i have had several people tell me about him, but just found out from this (super cool) lady today that he is in her ward, and got her pregnant. that sounded wrong. he helped her to be able to conceive. (that's better)
i am working up the courage to make an appointment.

also did you know that i don't drink diet coke anymore?
i wasn't trying to quit or anything, but a couple of months ago it was like a switch flipped, and i just stopped. weird right?
i have also been losing weight.
i weigh less than i have in a couple years.
i still have a little ways to my goal, but i am on the right track.
every morning i go to seminary, then straight to the gym for an hour to an hour and a half, then home to shower before work.
it's a great little schedule and i feel so good. granted i tend to pass out at about 8pm, but my bed is super cozy so i don't mind.

so what i'm trying to say is that i'm in a really good place right now.
it's called reno.
hahaha- that was a joke.


The life of MeMe said...

It makes my heart feel full just reading about it.

Kirsti said...

make an appointment fast! you need to take advantage of having that guy there.also i'm real jealous of your weight loss.

bBchronicles said...

Sometimes things happen for a reason - leaving ME to feel lost and lonely ONLY to find a world-famous infertility specialist . . . oh, sounds like a fair-trade! Yeah, that sounds perfect and right! I can't wait until he 'gets you pregnant' too . . . ohhhhh, melts my heart - hopefully Tylard will have a part in this!

Congrats on ditching the 'diet coke' and with your weight loss - great schedule - I might need to try going to the gym - it might help me. I'm TOTALLY OFF ALL nutrisweet products and haven't had any diet soda for almost a year! I'm proud of you - really. Your mom is in a 'good place' to help out with the selection process - let's get things moving! LOVE IT!

sarawhat said...

So you've dropped diet coke? What's next? Me? Your friends? Diet coke never ditched YOU! How could you just walk out on it like that? :) Good for you. It's liberating to drop a addiction. It's also really exciting when you go back to it. I'm really excited for you to be a Mommy, and I feel like this guy is the key!! I'm just really excited about your whole, good, life right now. (except for the getting out of bed at the butt crack of dawn part.)

GRodenberg said...

perfect, and all the sleep is helping you lose the weight! i love going to bed early, even though I am tempted to lay in bed and read or watch tv. It feels so good when i have the discipline to turn off the lamp and roll over!

Corine said...

This whole post makes me feel real happy. I miss you and Tyler and even Dottie. kind of. But You a lot and Jules and I are taking a road trip to Tahoe in July so we can see you and so we can go to actual garage sales.

Anonymous said...

i know i don't post comments much, but i read your blog all the time and think you are so funny and love your writing style. keep up the bloggin' girl!

very excited about your news "NO MORE DIET COKE"!!!!!! well done, its never easy quiting a habit/addiction. i am sending my warm thoughts and prayers that you will conceive, and this guy works out. very happy for you guys!


heather D said...

Nic, you ROCK. You got me motivated to get my buns up and get making some dreams come true. I LOVE the fact that you guys are living your dreams. Yeah, for kickin that nasty coke habit. Yeah, for living so close to a cool doctor who will soon be giving me a new little niece or nephew. Go see that doc. They do wonders! LOVE you guys.

Chellor said...

I just looked for you on F-book and added you as a friend just so that I could ask you for suggestions on good mafia documentaries. Really any media on relations with Marilyn Monroe n JFK, mafia etc that we once talked about while Ash (Ashley my beautiful friend) and I were getting our hair done up at your place in Rexburg! :) Then I realized I could just get on here and ask.

P.S. I miss your magic touch on my hair. I have only gotten it cut once and nothing else since you've left because I feel like no one can compare... NO.ONE.

Toni Ludlow said...

I am so glad you are in Reno and that we met...that makes Reno even better, right? :) I think the fertililty specialist you are talking about is in my ward. He actually helped my sis in law get preggers too! Small world right...Sorry it took me so long to get in touch but I am still in Utah. We gotta hang out when I get back!!

Jane said...

I love it when you blog. I love reading your words. I love you. And I'm glad things are going well for you. Keep updating.

ART 107 - Tiffany Stonecipher said...

Nicole, I just came across your blog and was reading. Great blog. Did you know that fertility speacialist is the Coleman's son in law.