Wednesday, February 25, 2009

several more things

okay i finished princess acadamy yesterday and i loved it so much i gave it a big hug. for reals miri is one of my favorite heroines ever. because i really like her. i love a lot of books without particularly loving and respecting the main character (cough... twilight), but miri i love. i love what she says and does and thinks. she is up there with elizabeth bennett to me.

so now i'm on to reading ender's game... i swear i don't just read mormon authors. it's real good so far i am excited to read the series. makes you appreciate that we haven't been attacked by aliens you know?

do you know who else i love? tina fey. i feel like if only she really knew me she would drop amy poehler- who trys much too hard to be funny- and we would be best best friends.

here's what i don't love... blogs that are mean or mocking that give you a bad feeling when you read them. it makes me remember why i go through blog famines of 9 months when i click on a blog like that. i don't venture out of my friends and family often, but i did today and did not like what i found. kelly and i talk about all the time how she struggles with wanting to do a funny post about something or other, but refraining because she doesn't want her blog to be anywhere near snarky. it's hard for her sometimes to keep it all pleasant and uplifting, but what a difference when you click on her blog. can't everyone just be nice and content with their own life. of course people (and especially mormons) are easy to mock, but that doesn't mean that you should do it... and it certainly doesn't make you look good.

by the way i started writing a little last night. i can't believe i am talking about this at all cause i am so embarassed by it. i think what sparked it was that kelly told me i couldn't /shouldn't write fiction. that i am meant to write insightfully about real life. maybe i'll do both kelly. (just kidding if this sounds mean on kelly cause she is my biggest supporter). anyways, i'll never share anything ever to any of you, but i just thought you should know. :)


kelly said...

i am a great motivator.

kelly said...

look at what i made you do without you realizing.

kelly said...

just kidding, i really think you should just write about life.
and i'll send it to rolling's reliable baking powder contests.

Cindy said...

..and you'll win, just like Anne Shirley! I think you write well, Nicole, just from your blog. I think your sister is on to something...Go for it!

heather said...

that's what gilbert told anne. To write what she knows about. Not all that high falutin mumbo jumbo. write about a real person, in a real life. It will be awesome.

rachie said...

Great thoughts! Miss you a lot. I am so proud of you finally blogging again i love to read about your life. heheh

Raydar Love said...

that's why i don't read seriously so blessed. it's funny, but so mock-ish.

i love you.