Friday, May 09, 2008

heathie's cozy house

roberta has requested more pics of my little getaway down here, so here goes...
aaahhh, heaven.

where the magic happens.

cozy living room with humongous tv.

what i have been watching on the humongous tv... home videos. i'm watching all the ones with my mom in them and then crying afterwards. sounds kinda depressing- i know- but i've been enjoying it. isn't she pretty?

craft/computer room where i am as i type this.

billiard parlor... and yes that's another huge tv on the wall. this house is great.

ooohhh, the coziest bed ever. i have been sleeping so good!
in fact that is looking pretty good right now. i am exhausted!
ps- did anyone watch 30 rock? it wasn't my most favorite episode, but it definitly had it's highlights. do you think jack and liz are eventually going to end up together?


kelly said...

that pic of mom is a little too intense for me.

nicole boice said...

it is not for the weak-minded

kirsti osborne said...

nicole i wish i was there with you watching the movies. and yes your mom does look beautiful. it's weird but i have been thinking of your mom equally as much as i have thinking of my mom on this mother's day. i love you!