Saturday, May 10, 2008


i've been thinking...

i really want to start gathering some traditions now, before i have children, so that i can instill them in my family from day one.

of course i already bring some from my family. (well, mostly just eating, being cozy, and watching movies).

and tyler already brings some from his family. (bob doing the dishes after we all eat dinner- ha).

but i'm talking about traditions for my own family, that my kids will think on with warm memories, the way i do about my growing up.

that's something that has been hard for me (internally). it has been hard for me to let go of being the child and to feel ready to provide that childhood for another.

maybe it has something to do with my mom? with how different my family situation is now?


it's hard for me to think about my growing up and have my heart not ache.

is that normal? anyone else feel that way?

one thing that i know is that tyler has been the reason that i have dealt with it as well as i have.

he is so solid and loyal, so all embracing of our own little family as what matters most to him in the world.

and so back to the start...

i want to start gathering traditions of our own.

will you share with me some of your favorites?

i promise if i steal them i'll give you credit.


sarawhat said...

yeah right. You never give people credit when you steal their ideas. :) You just tell yourself enough times that it was your idea to begin with....until you start to actually believe it. haha. I love you Nicole.

nicole boice said...

are you referring to me being president of the "that one guys name that i forget now" fanclub?
because it was my idea... i made it up. you are the treasurer. time to face the facts sara.
what was his name by the way... ryan something?

kirsti osborne said...

i thought that i was the one that did that!! ha ha. brian still calls me mrs. matter of fact cuz i told him you called me that. nicole i think being cozy and comfortable and loved is the best thing you can pass down to your kids.

sarawhat said...

I'm talking about "we are not currently accepting applications for new best friends" which you CLAIM was your funny line, however, I know for a FACT that it was mine. :)

kirsti osborne said...

i think sara is wrong (sorry sara). i distinctly remember you saying it. but i know i didn't say either. i was just kidding but i am obviously not the funny best friend just the hot one. haha

Grantholomew said...

get over it

lindsey said...

Well, one tradition that I love in our family is that we have our huge, Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. We have all day to cook and to finish up surprises and then we all eat together that night. After various singing of songs, or reading of Christmas story, or other activities, we open a new pair of PJ's to wear to bed. It is one of the first traditions I ever told Darren about and insisted that we continue that in our own family.

I love that you are thinking about traditions, they are the best. And I agree, having a cozy house that is full of love is tradition at its best!

nicole boice said...

thank you lindsey, you're the first one to actually answer my question. i love the idea of the big dinner and the pajamas. (my sis heather does the pajamas too and i think it's a way good idea).

kelly m said...

i've been waiting to answer your question, i was just thinking about it. i've wanted the same thing. i am so excited about gardening together, i want that to be a great tradition. every spring planting and summer tending and fall harvesting and winter cozying. i want to make it a life long family endeavor.

GRodenberg said...

first of all, you've been blogging and I didn't know, so I'm catching up and can't comment on everything! So hurry up and call me! luv ya

GRodenberg said...

but, my fave traditions with my kids, other than holidays, is a love for reading and music. Remember harmonizing with Dad in the car to all the oldies? I think that, combined with all the musicals we watched is why my kids are so involved in music/theatre etc. I love the routine we've gotten into of scriptures and prayers together at night. That's Mike's baby....good job Mikey.

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

game night every sunday night is a great tradition. We try to play one or two board games together. Sometimes it is a simple card game. It just depends on the length of the game. My girls are 7 and almost 9. It is a lot of fun!

Laura and the family said...

My sister in law always took her daughter to library/bookstore on every Wednesday. Now, she is hooked to the book. I did the same thing to my sons.

Another idea is to have a talent show that children and/or adults need to prepare for the talent show in the middle of the year. It helps them to improvise their own show. That is a part of practicing their creative skills. (Truthfully, I just thought of the new tradition right now. You can steal of you like my idea.. go ahead :-) )

shawn said...

I love the idea of intentionally planning for traditions! You will be a fabulous mama. :)
Aside from the big, holiday type stuff, we try to do lots of day to day ones, so as to keep our own family bond close.
Always ice cream after school concerts, plays, etc.
M&M pancakes for breakfast on birthdays, every year.
Places that we visit, or activities we try to do each summer. (Even the habit things like that become tradition, if you ask the kids.)
Basket of books for our advent at Christmas, numbered 1 - 24, opening one to read each night. We just use books we mostly have, and add a new one or two each year.
Cocoa on all cold days or after playing outside in the snow. Definitely cocoa on schools days cancelled for snow!
Jumping on beds in hotels. :)
End of school year celebration parties, always with water balloons.

And, man, your kids are going to be so cute!