Monday, May 05, 2008

some long overdue tahoe pics

these are some pictures from the trip that tyler and i made to tahoe in march.
the beautiful lake

ty and i after eating dinner with my dad, kathi, and gwen and jay, at the zephyr cove lodge. the dinner was so delicious, the atmosphere perfect, and the company entertaining to say the least. anyone who knows jay will know what i'm talking about. hilarious.

one of the pics from dad, tyler, and my drive around the lake. for those of you who don't know, this is emerald bay.

view from the parking lot of edgewood golf course, where they have the celebrity golf tournament every year.

playing rock band at kenny's house with kelsie. kenny is probably singing "creep", by radiohead. he always wanted to be the singer and he always wanted to sing creep. but if he did let you sing, you had to sing loud or he would get mad at you.

dad and tyler looking over the aptly named fanny bridge.

miss sophia.

sorry, i got it the wrong way.

dad in a stunning pic taken by tyler.

so cute. she looks like a perfect combo of kenny and leticia to me.

ooohhhh, i'm so obsessed with this place... tyler too. and i guess my dad is too. at least i would be if i won over a hundred bucks on the singing elvis slot machine. if you want some good true dirt to read, google search the cal neva resort and frank sinatra together. (he used to own it until he had his gaming license revoked because of his mafia connections). he was all mixed up with the kennedys, marilyn monroe, the mafia, etc. etc. good stuff. very interesting. and fyi- JFK was like the biggest sleaze bag ever... why do people think he was so great?
well, that's all for now. i have a ton more pics to post, including pics about my little trip here in the valley of the sun (that's what phoenix is right). anyway, i'll post more tomorrow.


kelly said...

ya, suck it jfk!

kenny sure likes repitition, doesn't he?

kirsti osborne said...

thanks for the pics nicole!! you and tyler are sooo cute in that picture by the lake. sophia loks just like kelsie i think. nicole i miss you so much! i' gonna be in salt lake this weekend, any chance you are going to be around there?

heather said...

i don't know how I missed like these last 10 posts. duh. loving all the pics of tahoe.