Wednesday, June 04, 2008

a chat with friends

the following is a random interview with two of my very best friends (sara and kirsti) and my sister kelly. enjoy getting to know them a little better... i know i did. keep in mind their answers were independent of each other.

** what were you doing when i called you?

sara: cutting up an apple for hallie

kirsti: watching HGTV

kelly: sewing

**if you could have any celebrity as your best friend, who would it be?

sara: reese witherspoon

kirsti: nicole richie

kelly: drew barrymore, wait am i allowed to smoke pot?

**favorite movie?

sara: superstar

kirsti: empire records

kelly: sixteen candles

**what do you think is your best quality?

sara: easy going

kirsti: easy going

kelly: i'm hilarious

**worst quality?

sara: i don't have any

kirsti: lazy

kelly: i'm really really selfish and mean. i scream at people. how do you sum that up in one word?

**jolie or aniston?

sara: aniston... jolie is a homewrecker

kirsti: jolie... well she's just so hot

kelly: aniston [in a sing song voice]

**what five books on a desert island?

sara: twilight,new moon, eclipse, book of mormon, breaking dawn

kirsti: pride and prejudice, i'd probably have to bring the book of mormon, i think i could live without anything else. maybe the last harry potter.... ummm..... us weekly?

kelly: scriptures, pride and prejudice, stop worrying and start living, anne of green gables, the bound woks of martha stewart

**if you were famous, what would you want it to be for?

sara: model... a model idiot. [in zoolander voice]

kirsti: either a victoria's secret model or building lots of orphanages in china. but only a victoria's secret model, i wouldnt want to be any other kind.

kelly: design

**if you could be living anywhere in the world, where would it be?

sara: huntington beach

kirsti: newport beach

kelly: london

**all time favorite tv show?

sara: desperate housewives

kirsti: my so called life

kelly: gilmore girls

** would you rather have a personal chef, maid, or trainer?

sara: chef... because i don't exercise if at all possible

kirsti: trainer

kelly: maid

**if you were an actress, would you be the kind that lives in brooklyn or malibu?

sara: malibu

kirsti: malibu. i'd like to be the type that would live in brooklyn, but no.

kelly: malibu

**hot dog or hamburger?

sara: hamburger

kirsti: hamburger

kelly: yes please

**beach, mountains, or city?

sara: beach

kirsti: crap... beach

kelly: a beach in the mountains with a city 30 minutes away.... commonly known as lake tahoe

**what is your favorite memory with me?

sara: probably our stereo war our bedroom we shared. it was our first ever real fight. we both wanted to listen to different music, so we were both playing our stereos and kept turning them up louder and louder to top each other.

kirsti: listening to blue (eiffel 65) driving around looking for a party [high school]. we pulled in to 7-11 to look up the street [carson st] in the phonebook, and realized as we looked at the map, and then up, that we were right next to it.

kelly: del taco drive thru. [your guess is as good as mine]

**favorite fast food establishment?

sara: mcdonald's

kirsti: arby's

kelly: del taco

** favorite magazine?

sara: people

kirsti: well, it's gotta be us weekly

kelly: martha stewart living

**on time or late?

sara: late

kirsti: on time- unless i'm traveling with nicole

kelly: like 45 minutes late

**working hard or hardly working?

sara: more working hard these days

kirsti: hardly working

kelly: depends on if i like the work or not. hardly working- let's be honest.

** do you feel that you kissed too many boys before you were married or not enough?

sara: just right... is that an answer?

kirsti: i think just perfect.... 50's pretty good right?

kelly: too many

** archeletta or cook?

sara: archeletta

kirsti: cook

kelly: who?

**what is your guiltiest pleasure?

sara: tostitos with a hint of lime

kirsti: whole can of cream cheese frosting

kelly r- rated movies

**what celebrity do people tell you you look like?

sara: they don't

kirsti: cameron diaz

kelly: drew barrymore

** what celebrity do you wish they told you you look like?

sara: jessica alba

kirsti: angelina jolie

kelly: i can't think of anyone pretty enough to commit

** what is your favorite blog that you read?

sara: kelly's

kirsti: kelly's

kelly: mine- haha

** would you give up diet coke for a thousand dollars?

sara: yeah i would... then i would start again in one month

kirsti: no

kelly: yes (i'm lying)

** where do you see yourself in 10 years?

sara: 2 more kids and saggier boobs

kirsti: hopefully living in a nice house with a rockstar husband, and not having to worry about anything

kelly: umm...... 40?


sarawhat said...

so did you ask me my bra size just out of morbid curiousity? :)This was funny to read.

nicole boice said...

no... i had to cut the interview down, as it was much too long to post it all. i know i laughed so hard... but it might not be funny to anyone else.

kelly said...

yes, i was so happy the bra size one was out, as my answer was a blatant lie. i love this.

kirsti osborne said...

i love. it i love. it i love it!! sara's last answer is so so funny. we are all so different! what is sara's bra size?

GRodenberg said...

Are their maiden names Reneer also? yikes!

lauren said...

this was funny. good idea co. and bra size? come on they all have had babes, so we arnt really that interested? ha funny though. and kel i really hope you would give up dc for 1000. some day maybe? miss you all

Whitney Amelia said...

you now need to answer the interview questions! we want to know YOU a little better!

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Anonymous said...

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kirsti osborne said...

so i love this post and all but it's time for a new one. love ya coco.

sarawhat said...

you never never write.........