Monday, April 17, 2006

A Utopian Society

I just figured out how to post a picture so here's me and Tyler (sorry mom- Tyler and me), at his surprise 25th birthday party that I threw him in February.

To the right you will see my own private Utopia. I just got this journal/creative writing book that gives you questions to answer, and one of the questions tells you to describe your utopia. Immediately I thought of my cozy afternoon I was enjoying in my clean house, watching Pride and Prejudice, and eating a fiesta bowl with diet Sprite. Aaahh, bliss. Then I read on to find that they had a much bigger picture in mind than myself. I was supposed to describe a whole city. Here's what I say to that... you have to take pleasure in the little things. We can all live in a Utopian society if people would figure that out.

'Utopia: any place or state of ideal perfection'.... so what is everyone elses idea of perfection? Tell me about it in your comment.


kellymccaleb said...

my idea of utopia would really be perfect weather at the perfect beautiful spot with the perfect meal all at once, and the three could change at any time according to my whim. Do you think that heaven will be a little like that? Because seriously it has to make up for no shopping, scrapbooking, knitting, swimming, laying out, diet better be good.

kellymccaleb said...

also i would be totally skinny

heatherives said...

come to arizona, we got that.

GRodenberg said...

FIESTA BOWLS!!!!!!!!!!! Kennedy and I crave them everyday! Thanks for that! Does the can of Sprite free mean you have given up DDP??? Good job!