Friday, April 15, 2011

schools in, sucka

hot tip: did you know that you can buy 'u can't touch this' on itunes for 69 cents?
i'd get on that if i were you.
that song is kelly's ringtone on my phone.
have you listened to it in awhile? cause i guarantee that it will make your day. there is no way to not be happy when you are listening to that song.
what's even better you ask?
watching the video...

the best part about this is the first comment that someone left on youtube:
"MC Hammer should be a secuirity guard at an art musuem… “Can’t touch this”"
good one uroblaster.

does anyone want to come over and practice these dance moves? cause i am seriously going to learn and practice all of them. i have to catch up to kelly, who is already pretty proficient.
how awesome would it be to go to an aerobics class where they did all 90's dance moves to songs like this? i would freaking love that.
would mc hammer not be the best halloween costume? and have a couple of girls in bike shorts and sports bras with you? or maybe i'm like 20 years too late for that to be funny. haha.
sisters: can't you see heathie's big buns in those bike shorts and sports bra doing those dances? i was laughing so hard imagining that. although, the more i think about it, i think that those images are from my memory, not my imagination. smile, heathie :)

speaking of laughing so hard... watching this reminded me of the in living color skit where tommy davidson spoofed mc hammer. classic. i was dying watching this, while tyler rolled his eyes at me. maybe you have to grow up watching in living color??

have a good day!


nancy said...

oh my this made me happy. while i was watching the video i was thinking the same thing...seriously i've got to learn those moves. and i TOTALLY remember that In Living Color skit! when he goes "uh-oh uh-oh" when his pants slip over his head! were right, this did make my day. :)

heather said...

ok, if you must know. while at byu, I worked at blockbuster video and could get free video rentals. They just so happened to have a learn how to dance video with mchammer. I would bring that home and we would make denise mcaffee do it and laugh until we peed our pants. She was so dang hysterrical doing his moves. and yes, i wore tight biker shorts with flourescent tops while i did it. ha.

heather said...

oh and ps. lynnelle could really move like these girls in the video. You should have seen us back in the day at the ivy tower. She had the two black guys in the place all over her. I think we will have to have her show us her moves at the family reunion this summer. I know she still has them.

GRodenberg said...

it is your memory, and i was teaching the class at Racquetball World in Fullerton!