Tuesday, April 12, 2011

strike that, reverse it.

        i didn't end up taking a break from clomid.
        right after i posted that i got a stern talking to from ms. ashley boice, giving me some tough love. now friends and family, don't read this and think you're allowed to give me tough love... nine times out of ten, i don't respond well. but in this instance it was needed, and it was inspired. i love love ashley. have i mentioned that like a million times before?
        anyway, at the end of the talk she made me promise to at least talk to the doctor about it before i decided for sure. and then the coolest thing happened. let me back up- the main three things that i was stressed about were, a. money, b. needing to be back on metformin, but the doc still wanted me to be retested first, and c. she was going to double my dose of clomid... and if it was double of the first month- yikes. so, after i talked to ashley my doctor's nurse called, and without me saying anything said, a. that she wanted me to come in for a sonogram to make sure i was ready for round two free of charge, b. put me immediately back on metformin, and c. keep me at the same level of clomid another month. inspired much?
        so long story short... i'm back on metformin and i feel soooo good about that. you know how you just know your body? i know i needed that. also, i have already taken my second round of clomid (last week), and i am feeling really good. i'm working out, my anxiety is way down, and i haven't gained any weight (besides the like three pounds that i gained since the beginning). however my hot flashes are soooooo bad this round. it is seriously the worst. if i had never had them i would think, what could possibly be so bad about a hot flash? but lemme tell you, it is the worst. it's almost a flu feeling. that super hot, then cold, then hot, full body flush... no flush isn't a big enough word. more like tidal wave. sweaty upper lip, naseous, can't sleep because you are so uncomfortable.... you get the picture. yuck. but that has started to calm down a bit.
         okay, but here is my advice for you:
do not rent mean girls 2 from red box. big mistake.
instead, watch on netflix, ten things i hate about you- the abcfamily tv show. so so funny. like i literally want to blog quotes from it. you think at first it's going to be super cheesy lame (like mean girls 2), but the writing is actually really funny and witty. the guy that plays cameron is hilarious. okay, i have to blog just one quote.
        the girl who plays kat is trying to make her volvo a bio-diesel, so she is using the shop at school, which is full of boys who thinks she can't do it. the teacher says some real condescending/sexist stuff to her, and she goes, "i'm sorry is this shop or 1952?". then when all the guys are making bets, they are all betting against her, which will mess up the money pool, so she says she'll bet on herself.... to which the guy responds, "careful, you could buy a lot of tampons with that money".
         i am laughing so hard right now typing these out. you are probably not laughing at all. but i am really laughing. aaaaahhhh, good times.
         i feel like kelly is probably shaking her head reading this, cause she gets so mad when i try to tell her about shows. but if you know me, you know that telling people about shows and funny lines is my number one favorite thing to do.
        okay, i have to go, cause i really have to finish watching castle. (one time castle was so good that i did a whole scene for tyler.... and if you're not watching castle, you should be..... start at season one).


Kelly said...

Oh boyeeeee. Yes I was in fact shaking my head- telling plots on your blog is a new low. However you redeemed yourself because that line was really really funny.

julieb said...

I know your body... we need to watch that movie.

and, im real proud of you, and have been praying real hard. I really think your doing the right things.

and im obsessed with dastle. i love love him.
did you ever watch firefly? he plays a space cowboy. for reals. its awesome.

love you.

get on that book.....

sarawhat said...

I'm glad you're on your baby makin pills still. So glad. Now, I want to tell you some really really good books I've read lately:
The Glass Castle
A Dogs Purpose
The Book Theif
The Help

Those are your assignements for the next few months. You'll thank me.

ashleyboice said...

I am just now back from my vacation. I am real proud of you. I love you too...and I won't get used to giving you stern talking to's...but the last one I felt a constant nagging that I had to say something... Good job on doing the hard work.