Wednesday, January 12, 2011

happy new year (plus 12 days)

so i've been thinking a lot about what i want out of this new year. i feel like good things will happen this year. i feel happy and hopeful. you could look at it as depressing that for the most part my goals are the same this year as last year.... but i feel as though i've made actual progress on each one. so instead of depressed i'm pretty proud of myself. here were last years:

1- finish my book. this is of A-1 importance to me.

2- read the book of mormon and new testament, each in their entirety.

3- reach my goal weight. (and no, i'm not telling you what that is).

4- be able to run five miles.... in a row.

5- vacation to either: NYC or a tropical island TBA.

6- reproduce.

pretty good ones, right? i can't tell you how happy it makes me to know how much closer i am to acheiving these things. i have little to no control over myself, so it's a considerable feat.

i also have some goals for our house. these make me happy to think about. they include, but are not limited to:

1- new couches
2- an actual computer, instead of just a laptop
3- many more of roberta's amazing pictures blown up and framed and proudly displayed all over the place
4- a barbeque
5- a chalk board
6- a big, full length, wood framed mirror from world market for our bedroom
7- a nice dresser and night table
8- a bookcase (sigh... my dream is really a wall full of them, but i have to start somewhere)

i'm going to feel like such a grown up when i own a dresser!  so, i have started saving in three different funds (other than the million other categories we have), entitled "furniture", "electronics", and "a vacation of nicole's choosing".
i feel like the vacation has a good chance of happening this year because i finally have tyler on board. he said to me the other day that he thinks it's really important that i get taken on a for realsies vacation, because that is literally all i have ever asked for since we've been married.

however, he did not use the words 'for realsies'.

i also want to get to tahoe as much as possible this summer. i want to beach it up. and i want to be tan for the first time in years. and swim in the lake lots. and go on lots of hikes. and maybe we'll finally get around to a little camping. and see yosemite. and visit griffin and katrina. and and and and..... you get the idea.

basically, i am in a really inspired mood right now.

also, i will be doing a post on some great stuff from seminary in the near future. i was telling kelly about some lessons and reading her quotes, and we agreed it needs a post.

after that post, i am going to do a real long one about mine and tyler's story in honor of our 5 year wedding anniversary, which is this friday. i really want to have that for posterity, and my memory is crap, so i figure what better time than now!

also i want to do a post on how much i love ashley boice, and how much i love the pictures of us from christmas.

have a great day!


Kelly said...

Boy I can tell someone had a sausage biscuit and diet coke!

nicole boice said...

ummmm, try two sausage burritos.

ashleyboice said...

haha I love Kelly's comment.

Yay for being inspired. I can't wait for you guys to go on a vacation. How about SPAIN?? Let's go...Cortney might be having a lot of time off here soon...hahaha (I hear they have some great beaches over there)

Get your passport.

Thanks for the shout out...made my day.

heather said...

did you open three more bank accounts in addition to your probably lets say.....20 already. ha ha. What fun goals. Hurry and know out a bunch of them before you lose steam, or pms hits. ha. love you.

GRodenberg said...

i hust copied my journal page from last year and wrote...DITTO

Kirsti.osborne said...

i love you so so much!

Toni Ludlow said...

You are coming up with me to Tahoe all summer long!! We go up ALL the time! Let's make it happen! You and I are too much a like...I ALWAYS ALWAYS tell my husband, I want to go on a REAL vacation!! ;)