Friday, January 07, 2011

guess who came to dinner / big news

kelsie foo!!!!! looking beautiful as ever. so the big news is, she is living with kenny! i am so happy for the both of them that they get these couple of months together before she graduates and grows up. the situation of how she got there (with her mom) isn't ideal... but when has the situation with kerri ever been ideal? kelsie is hanging in there though, and i just love her to death. so here's some of the info cause i know the sisters are gonna want to know.
*she is living up in tahoe, but doesn't have to transfer schools because she has a friend that also lives up there and she drives with them.
*she is doing great in school (she was working on her AP stats homework after dinner) and is currently on varsity cheer (she was wearing her letter jacket- so cute). ty and i are going to a basketball game she'll be cheering at in reno tonight.
*no boyfriend.
* everyone should call and talk to her... i know she would love love to hear from you all. she needs our family's unconditional love and support. i am so excited to be a part of her life again. last night it felt so so much like mom was (or should have been) there. in fact that just made me get tears in my eyes typing that.
we were talking about how she's been in such a weird/hard position as far as seeing kenny goes, because he doesn't have set visitation now. when she was little it wasn't up to her, so she couldn't get blamed for it... but now that she's older, it's her choice to spend time with him and she would start major crap with her mom if she did. i'll just put one thing to give you an idea...
she asked her mom if she could spend christmas eve eve with kenny and spend the night (she knew not to even try for christmas eve), and her mom said whatever and then didn't talk to her. so kelsie spent the night at kenny's then came home on christmas eve to an empty house that was locked. they have a key pad entry, not keys, and they had changed the code so that kelsie couldn't get in. she called and texted everyone and no one would answer, so she hung out with her dogs in the backyard, until her grandma found out what was happening and came to pick her up.
she went home after her family finally got there (no one talking to her) and then christmas morning she woke up to no presents.
her grandparents found out and her grandpa went to walmart and got her a bunch of stuff. 
two days later todd and kerri kicked her out and she called her dad.
there's so much more.
call her and kenny, let's love and support our family.

ps- look how cute sophia is! it was so fun to see kenny with his two girls.

pps- glor, kelsie told me that the person from our family who has really stuck with trying to stay in contact with her has been austin. she told me how much she loved him and appreciated that. i thought that was pretty cool.

ppss- i know i look super scary in that picture.


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heather said...

i feel so bad for kelsie! why??????? we can't wait to call!! oh, and good one dad! we got a good laugh out o that comment

GRodenberg said...

i love that last picture! i wondered why she put on facebook that she was alone on christmas! and i just sent her christmas card to kerry's. i can't even think about kerry right now. GROW UP ALREADY, it's been 18 years!!!

Kirsti.osborne said...

that sucks so bad for kelsie! tell her hi for me when you see her next! i love that girl and i think you mom looks after her extra.