Tuesday, January 25, 2011

anniversary cards

okay, i thought for sure that i would win with this one for the best card. i feel like this perfectly portrays our relationship. (tyler is the dog and i am the cat).
inside reads:
the best relationships are the challenging ones.

perfect, right?

well tyler beat me.

pictured below is his card to me. i laughed for like five minutes straight. and then every time i thought about it i would start laughing again.
in fact when i was just taking the picture of it, it made me laugh out loud.

inside reads:
thought you might enjoy a quickie

wouldn't you agree he won?

on a different note, happy birthday to kelly my sister of 28 years and best friend.
i will be doing a dedicatory post real soon, probably tomorrow.


ashleyboice said...

Both hilarious. Although I can just picture Tyler with your cute little head in his mouth. He would love that.

bBchronicles said...

I'm LAUGHING my HEAD OFF RIGHT NOW - yes, my dear - HE WON!!!!!! . . . .yours a C.L.O.S.E. second - nothing to be ashamed of though! SO, SOOOOOO FUNNY! Glad you guys could get away. I'm LOVING ALL THIS BLOGGING - what's up - guilt-ridden? !!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!

Kelly said...

I feel like you had to do a Tyler post before you could do a Kelly post so he would be less jealous.

Kelly said...

And you had to do a Dottie post before either of us because she is the biggest brat of all

Toilet's Blog said...

i won!
you should blog what is on the inside of the cards they will be amazed to see what you wrote!!! love you cole

nancy said...

nicole....this is nance. i love love your anniversary cards and may find both of them for ours because they both fit us perfectly as well. love your face!

Kirsti.osborne said...

HILARIOUS!!! i love them both so much and i love you two so much and your crazy relationship! but what i love more is all your blogging. it sure makes me missyou though! happy anniversary!

heather said...

i think you win nicole. no offense tyler