Saturday, June 25, 2011

my current wish list

1. say yes to cucumbers facial wipes. i have been reading good things about these, and i just like the sound of them. i'm usually not a facial wipe person, but these are calling my name.

2. estee lauder idealist even skintone illuminator. the name says it all. yes please.

3. i love trying new mascaras, and this is cover girl's latest. really i'll try anything if they have drew barrymore in the ad.

4. ooohh, i just read about this, and i think it is made for me. it is for dark circles (and of course fine lines). it is an eye cream on bottom, and a concealer on top. they described it a lot better in the magazine.

5. mac- so chaud lipstick. i have never bought anything from mac, but i kinda want to go in there for a makeover, just to see what they would come up with. and i definitly want this lipstick.

6. this shirt looks so cozy and light to me (it is getting so hot).

7. i am on the lookout for a perfect pair of summer heels... something along these lines.

8. i so regret selling my dad our camera, and have decided after a weekend of using his, that i want one again.

9. do i really have to explain this one? if you know me at all, then i don't.

10. i want a piano so so bad. tyler has never let me get one because he doesn't want to have to move it. that argument no longer applies since he bought his safe, which weighs one million pounds. so guess who is going to get a piano? this girl.


ashleyboice said...

1st...they have the say yes to cucumber wipes in a trial sized package in the trial size area at target. A ten pack for 2.49 so you can try them risk free.

Next...if you get a piano then won't Tyler complain of all the "noise". Haha.

I am going to see you soon. We are totally coming to rexburg. Cortney agreed with me the other night and told me my hair was pretty bad. Please help. I know you aren't crazy for chin length hair but please I need some help with inspiration. I haven't had hair this bad in a while (which is really saying something) :)

3rd. I wish I could leave Henry with you while we went to the wedding. If only there was a way to get him back from you. Why do you live so far away again??

GRodenberg said...

i have anice walnut upright for sale...very cheap for you my chickadee! cutest kitty ever...was it born on mom's bed? haha