Monday, May 16, 2011

i'm sooooooo excited!!!!!!

alternate post titles included:

- if i can't have kids at least i can have a kick-a$$ car!
- i have the bestest husband ever!
- nothing gets you out of a depression like a new car!

i feel so happy right now. i haven't felt any inkling of happiness in a couple weeks, so this is pretty big news. my depression/anger has been significant, and so foreign to me. even when bad things are happening, i can usually crank up a song, or go through a drive thru, or watch a show, or get into a book (you get the idea), and be totally happy. i honestly could not do that this time. i felt empty inside. well, other than the anger. heathie, you talked in your post about just thinking of everything you were grateful for.... i am usually sooo good at that, but i couldn't even do it. i couldn't admit one thing i was grateful for. i really think it was the clomid and not me.... that's what kelly said. but knowing that didn't neccesarily make it any easier.

tyler has been so wonderful. so supportive and loving... and i am not lovable right now. friday night he asked me if i needed a little trip, and i brattily nodded my head yes. so he said, okay let's start planning one. then sat/sun we started talking (again) about if i should get a new car. so he took me on a little excursion to test drive one here, and started some extensive internet research looking for (literally) my dream car. they (i am specific/picky) are hard to find, lemme tell you!! in fact, the only one we could find (including brand new dealership ones) was in seattle.

we are combining the two (the getaway and the car). we've been one the phone/computer all morning, and it's official. would you like to see my new car??

my heart is fluttering even uploading the pictures.
it's a 2010 subaru impreza wrx wagon.
and it is sososososososooooooo fast. we test drove one here, and when i pressed the gas (i was only in second gear and shot up to 60 in like two seconds), i literally said "holy sh##!"- with the salesman in the car. it's amazing. so fun.
is tyler not the best?
he really really is taking care of his crazy wife.

i just booked the plane tickets... we fly out saturday late afternoon, and get the car right away. then we'll spend that night in seattle, and take 2-3 days to drive home through portland and ashland etc.
i can't wait.
it feels so good to be happy again :)

ps- don't worry... i know that lasting happiness is not based on fast "dream" cars, but they sure help :)


Kelly your sister said...

Man I am just green with envy right now

nancy said...

oh my i'm so stoked for you...mike is super envious...we have a legacy and it is rad. but we would LOVE a WRX (or really an STI but lets get serious...that ain't happening anytime soon) there really is nothing like an all wheel drive car....even my legacy turns corners like a champ. the road trip will be fun too!!!

Teija in PDX said...

Please please please visit me on your way through Portland. You & Tyler can totally crash on my big four-poster bed. And if you're stopping in Ashland, I may just have to tag along with you to see a play. :)

Kandee Lou said...

Nic, that is one SWEET car. You deserve & yes you have a pretty awesome husband! There is a blessing you can count! Luv ya

Kandee Lou said...

That is one Freak'n SWEET car. You do have an awesome husband. There is a blessing you can count. Luv Ya

ashleyboice said...

Seattle is amazing. You need to spend more than 1 day there. Yay...for coming out of a depression.

GRodenberg said...

so cool! I love fast cars-can't wait to ride in it soon!

Teija in PDX said...

Okay, I'm counting on a visit for sure, and my friend, you will be OBSESSED with the food in this town. I know you know food, and I promise you won't be disappointed. Some initial suggestions...
Brunch - Screen Door, The Country Cat, Equinox
Lunch - Pok Pok, Dove vie vie, Elephants Deli, Porque No
Dinner - If you're here for dinner, call me, and I'll take you out.
Best Bread Pudding on the Planet - Sapphire Hotel

heather said...

very nice indeed. You must go bonneville hot springs resort and spa in oregon (on the way) that you can wear your robe anywhere in the resort (and i did). there is cool hiking all around it, and is right on the river. i went there for my 30th bday and have been wanting to go back ever since. Get the room with the hot tub on the balcony. and um you couldn't think of me for a sister as something you are thankful for? hello.

Anonymous said...

How are you going to get Tyler's bottle of change on the plane?

The life of MeMe said...

Sweet ride. So jealous. Glad you have a little 'pep me up' moment getting the new car. Those can help a lot when your feeling blue.

kirsti osborne said...

sooooo awesome! when are you gonna come down to southern california. i need you, you need me, let's do it. i happy you are happy. cal me ASAP. i miss you.