Tuesday, August 03, 2010

long time no blog eh?

we have a lot to catch up on so excuse the rambling...

for starters, i'm doing a lot better than i was in the last post. i was sure in a big funk for 2 months though. apologies to anyone that i was around, i know i was awful.

for seconders, i had my 10 yr high school reunion at the end of june. it was so fun. the most fun of all was getting to spend time with julie and kirsti. when we went to church in tahoe together.. kirsti and i were holding hands during sacrament and i fully started crying because we were both leaving after church and i missed her already.

like a day after that ty and i went to idaho for the fourth of july. super fun, and always good to be back in rexburg. i miss taco time. (and all our family of course-ha).

just this last weekend my in-laws came to visit. yay! we were so excited for them to come and we had such a fun time with them. among other things, we went to a baseball game, to tahoe, to lots of yummy restaurants, were shot by berta's camera, and went to see dinner for schmucks. steve carrell is so stinking funny. i love going to see funny movies with roberta for some reason. i think its because we are always both laughing so hard together.

am i boring you yet with my journal entry? sorry.

oh yeah!! i forgot a big thing... we came home from idaho and bought a big huge tv. it's awesome. and, drum roll please.... we are getting cable tomorrow for the first time in our marriage. i'm almost sad about it. almost. it kinda feels like we're selling out. i guess i'll let the kardashians comfort me :)

some random shout outs...

glor and heathie: for some reason when i saw the pics of the two of you on heather's blog my chest puffed up with pride that i had claim on you both as my sisters. i just thought i'd let you know. oh and glor.. i was watching the proposal today and laughing out loud and missing you. boop boop boop. (that's the sound of him patting her butt).

sara: i'm real jealous of switzerland. real. let's talk on the phone again soon... you never know, i may just answer. haha.

julie: i think you're an amazing seamstress, and i might try to hire you as my own. also, the library didn't have the outlander series, but they did have the first one of the lord byron series so i got it. have you read those? are they good? by the way, i never told you how much i loved it when you emailed me that book review. i think we should have an email book club. ps- dottie misses gwen.

kirsti: i can't shout out those two and not you. holla. but for reals i was pondering life in the shower the other day and i was thinking how incredibly grateful i am for you in my life. i've finally found the love of a lifetime. (i thought you'd like that lyric because it's soft rock- your favorite).

shauna: you don't get a shout out because i texted you so many times the other day. i was in the car with ty while we were texting and he finally said, 'ugghhh, will you end the conversation already??' haha.

ginny: yeah you heard me. you are my crush too.

roberta: those pictures are amazing!!! i can't wait to see the rest! you are so talented it blows me away. also the morning you left, dottie went running to your room, and when i came around the corner to look in she was sitting on your made bed staring. then she proceeded to check every room upstairs and then ran to check all downstairs and even outside. so sad. she misses her gwamma.

ashley boice: the picture of rob ninja kicking ollie is the best thing i've ever seen. i miss you. do you still have no car to come visit??

step up 3: i just know i'm gonna love you. in fact i already do. i love you. your trailer makes me giddy with excitement. see you in a couple days. xoxo

okay i think my throat is hoarse from all the shouting. sorry i've been mia everyone. i'm officially out of my funk.


sarawhat said...

awwww, thanks for the shout out. Matt's gone to who knows where and I'm spending all of my time eating candy corn and watching Glee, so CALL ME!!

julieb said...

book club please!
and no i havn't read those books, tell me what you think when you finish. and keep going for the outlander books, you will fall in love. promise.
I was just thinking about dottie the other day, and how much I love love her and wish we lived by you guys!

shauna.m. said...

i hate this post and your stupid bookclub...unless u invite me then i love it and will make group bookmarks...i still always want a shoutout....and on the weekend release of step up three d....rude

Kirsti said...

i wanna do a book club!!! i love you so much. when are you gonna come visit me?

GRodenberg said...

back at ya! and call me already so we can plan the gma trip!

Corine said...

Oh and I am in love with all the pictures Roberta took on her Reno visit. you Tyler, Dottie and the VW look like supermodels. for real.